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Workplace Issues Today: Transport Workers reject American Airlines offer

American Airlines’ workers, represented by the Transport Workers Union, rejected a pay offer on Tuesday with a vote of 6,074 to 3,371. The TWU requested that the National Mediation Board release the mechanics from mediation earlier this year and was denied. The newest setback has brought up the possibility of a strike. If the NMB releases the workers from mediation there will be a 30-day cooling off period, and the White House will be able to intervene in a strike. Airline workers made large concessions over the last decade, as many airlines went bankrupt. With profits rising, they are asking for some of that back. American Airlines workers made large concessions in 2003. Stock clerks at American Airlines also rejected a contract offer, while technical specialists approved their offer. There are more than 50,000 unionized workers at American Airlines.

See “American Union Rejects Contract,” by Mike Esterl, The Wall Street Journal, Aug 25 2010 (SD)

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