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Workplace Issues Today: Bangladesh garment workers get raise

After months of protests on the streets by thousands of garment workers, Bangladesh raised the minimum monthly wage for its over 2 million garment workers. Workers and labor rights groups were asking for a wage of $73. The minimum wage is now $45 dollars a month, up from $25 a month. Last week the prime […]

Workplace issues today: Nike agrees to pay Honduran workers

After facing pressure from United Students Against Sweatshops and universities with licensing agreements, Nike announced on Monday that it was setting up a $1.54 million fund to help the 1,800 Honduran workers who lost their jobs at two plants owned by subcontractors. The protests against Nike came after the Worker Rights Consortium, a group of […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wal-Mart gets okay to build in Chicago

The Chicago city council unanimously approved Wal-Mart’s proposal to build a second store in the city, pleasing some unions and angering others. The company reached a deal with the Chicago & Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council to have them build all facilities in northern Illinois for the next three years. However, other unions […]

Workplace Issues Today: Montana workers won’t extend pay freeze

After negotiating a pay freeze two years ago, in exchange for health benefits, Montana employee unions say that they are not willing to extend the freeze for another two years. Representatives from several large public employees unions in Montana say that if the Governor will not negotiate with them, they are willing to go to […]

Workplace Issues Today: Philip Morris faces report of child labor

A human Rights Watch report found that tobacco farms in Kazakhstan that supply tobacco company Philip Morris were using forced and child labor. The report found that workers were not paid, forced to work overtime, and that children as young as ten were working in the field. Workers who wanted to leave could not because […]

Workplace Issues Today: UAW pickets Toyota dealerships

The President of the United Auto Workers, Bob King, announced a new campaign for jobs and justice. King also said that UAW members have begun ‘bannering’ at Toyota dealerships, protesting the closing of a plant in California and the lack of unionization. The protest at the dealerships comes after King announced in June that the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wells Fargo cuts 3,800 employees

Wells Fargo announced that it is cutting 2,800 employees from its Financial unit, and expects to cut 1,000 more in the next year. The bank said that the cuts are due to the greater number of branches of the bank and the ceasing of subprime mortgages. Wells Fargo now offers loans guaranteed by the Federal […]

Workplace Issues Today: California to delay wages, but computers say otherwise

A California appellate court ruled for Governor Schwarzenegger on Friday, giving him permission to cut state workers’ pay to the minimum wage until a state budget is passed. The change would cut state workers’ annual pay from an average of $65,000 a year to $15,000 a year. Workers would be reimbursed once a budget was […]

Upheaval in the quiet zone: 1199SEIU and the politics of health care unionism, 2nd edition (Book of the Month)

Upheaval in the quiet zone: 1199SEIU and the politics of health care unionism (Second Edition) by Leon Fink and Brian Greenberg is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. This expanded second edition of Upheaval in the Quiet Zone updates the dramatic story of an insurgent labor union that by the end of the 1980s had established […]

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