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Workplace Issues Today: Rhode Island Race application gains support

More Rhode Island teacher’s unions have signed on to the state’s Race to the Top application, bringing the total number of unions supporting the application to 11 or about 47% of the children. According to a Rhode Island official, only two school districts have not signed on to the application. Rhode Island officials are hoping […]

Workplace Issues Today: Airlines file suit against new rule

The Air Transport Association of America, which represents Delta, FedEx, JetBlue and others, is suing the National Mediation Board to prevent a rule change in the way union elections are held. The old rule needed a majority of all workers to approve, with those not voting being counted as no votes. The new rule only […]

Workplace Issues today: Teacher’s unions agree to new evaluation system

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) have agreed to a new teacher evaluation system, aimed at increasing the state’s chances in receiving Race to the Top funds. The new system would rate teachers on a 100-point scale, with part of the rating coming from improvement on state tests. […]

Workplace Issues Today: TWU, AA reach tentative common ground

The Transport Workers Union, representing 11,500 mechanics and ground workers, and American Airlines reached a tentative contract agreement today after a years-long negotiation. It is the first contract agreement to be reached since the $1.8 billion dollar bailout of AA. The agreement covers three years, and provides for annual wage raises (3% this year, and […]

Workplace Issues Today: Illinois iron workers strike for first time since 1974

Illinois Iron Workers Local 46 is striking after negotiations with the Central Illinois Builders Association (CIB), which represents about 2-dozen regional contractors, broke down. A spokesman for the iron workers, Mike Whalen, said that they were open to further negotiation, but that CIB had not given them an idea of when that might be. The […]

The SAGE handbook of human resource management (Book of the Month)

The SAGE handbook of human resource management, edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Nicolas Bacon, Tom Redman, Scott Snell is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. “The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management brings together contributions from international scholars in a broad and influential collection that combines both global and interdisciplinary perspectives. An indispensable resource for students and […]

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