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Workplace Issues Today: Protests, negotiations, fears persist in Cairo

Protests continue in Cairo, Egypt this week, reaching their third month. Laborers from an amalgam of industries and sectors have been camped outside Parliament for weeks, demonstrating during the day, and sleeping on the sidewalk at night. Political protests are dealt with harshly in Egypt, but the labor protesters have had some luck negotiating with […]

Workplace Issues Today: Nuclear workers in Britain face possible layoffs

Workers at a nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria fear the loss of up to 1,200 jobs if work is scaled back by Sellafield, which operates the plant. The company has begun a review that may lead to scaling back the amount of work at the plant. The GMB union, which represents the 10,000 workers at […]

A shameful business : the case for human rights in the American workplace (Book of the Month)

A shameful business: the case for human rights in the American workplace, by James A. Gross, is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. In a book that confronts the moral choices that U.S. corporations make every day in the treatment of their workers, James A. Gross issues a clarion call for the transformation of the American […]

Workplace Issues Today: Irish teachers reject pay deal

450 delegates of Irish teachers’ union TUI unanimously rejected the agreement that was negotiated last month. Members of TUI, which include 15,000 post-primary and third level teachers will be balloted, with the recommendation to reject the agreement. Delegates also voted to reserve the right to act without the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, whose leadership […]

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