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Workplace Issues Today: Seattle Mayor faces tough decisions on position of city workers

Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, faces a tough situation in the coming weeks as he attempts to balance a $60 million dollar budget deficit. The mayor has ordered a review to be completed by April, but most already know that one of the largest drains on city money are the salaries and benefits of 11,000 […]

Workplace Issues Today: Airline unions look ahead to new rule

A new rule may be announced this week that would give airline employees the right to organize with a majority vote in favor. The current rules say that the majority of the entire workforce has to vote for unionization. The Association of Flight Attendants is expected to begin organizing flight attendants on Delta Air Lines, […]

Workplace Issues Today: FedEx threatens political backlash if bill is made into law

Aviation legislation on deck in Congress could mean that employees in FedEx’s express air service would be able to unionize locally, rather than having to call for a national vote. Although many believe the bill is unlikely to become law, FedEx has nevertheless said that it will stop investing in its express air service entirely […]

Work-Life Policies (Book of the Month)

Work-Life Policies, edited by Ann C. Crouter and Alan Booth, is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. Workplace policies that provide flexible scheduling, leave for caregiving, and assistance with child care likely benefit employers in recruitment, retention, productivity, and health care costs. Their benefits to employees seem obvious. Researchers, however, are just beginning to move beyond […]

Workplace Issues Today: US Labor Dept issues training grants

The United States Department of Labor announced today that $150,000 in grant money will go towards technical training for employees. The money has been divided into three separate grants and tasks. Approximately $100,000 will go towards educating high-school and college students, and their parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, about upcoming opportunities in technical fields of […]

Workplace Issues Today: Apple uncovers labor violations among contractors

Computers giant, Apple, has released information saying that the company discovered a dozen underage workers among their contractors in 2009. Underage workers were found at three different factories producing iPods, iPhones, and laptops. The locations of the three factories have not been released – it is not even know whether or no they were in […]

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