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Business and Economics E-books

Cornell University Library is now providing access  to business and economics e-books through SpringerLink.  Search the whole SpringerLink database or choose to browse just the Business and Economics collections.  Here are just a few titles of  books that might be of interest:  Comparative Analyses of Operating Hours and Working Times in the European Union; Evaluating […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wyoming bill looks to finish what it started long ago

For the first time in over 25 years, a bill has reached the Wyoming state legislature mandating that OSHA regulations be re-examined by the state government. The bill proposes to increase the penalties for violations of workplace safety, both violations that result in fatalities and those that result in injury. In 2007, Wyoming had the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Union authorizes strike but chooses to move forward slowly

Five unions representing 40,000 workers from the Stop & Shop groceries voted yesterday to authorize strikes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The employees’ previous contract expired over the weekend, still without any agreement reached. Though the strike has been authorized, union members have decided to give management and the labor leaders another shot: negotiations […]

Workplace Issues Today: Germany study says, ‘go forth and volunteer’

A recent German study published yesterday claims that volunteering not only offers mental health benefits, but may in fact help employees to perform better at their ‘real’ jobs. The study followed 105 full-time employees who also devoted between 5 and 10 hours to volunteering each week. Based on extensive surveying and questionnaires, the study found […]

Workplace Issues Today: NBA labor-management repartee continues

The verbal battle between the NBA league and the NBA Players’ association continued over the weekend as NBA commissioner David Stern replied to the union’s characterization of the most recent league agreement proposal as ‘oppressive.’ Stern called the union’s repartee negotiating histrionics 101, and said that the union’s meetings have been ‘pure theatrics.’ Stern said […]

Evidence-Based Human Resources (reports)

Evidence-Based Human Resources is a series of research reports from The Conference Board, which includes the titles: Evidence-Based Human Resources: A Practitioner’s Guide; Evidence Based HR in Action:  Case Studies; and Evidence-Based Human Resources:  A Primer and Summary of Current Literature. Cornell University Library subscribes to the Conference Board’s  Research Online Collection in which you […]

Workplace Issues Today: San Francisco Mayor has plan to avoid layoffs

A new plan was proposed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to combat his cities $522 million deficit. The plan would reduce the workweek from 40 hours to 37.5 hours for a large number of the 26,000 full-time city employees. The proposal would limit the number of complete layoffs and would not affect most benefits. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Green jobs slow to materialize

Despite the President’s assertions about green energy jobs, some analysts are wondering when they are going to come. A tally of jobs that were created or saved by the stimulus came to 52,000, far off of the Obama’s promise to create 5 million green energy jobs in the next decade. Instead of hiring new workers […]

Raising the Global Floor (Book of the Month)

Raising the Global Floor: Dismantling the Myth That We Can’t Afford Good Working Conditions for Everyone by Jody Heymann and Alison Earle is Catherwood’s Book of the Month.  In addition to the book, there is a web site titled Raising the Global Floor: Adult Labour that is part of the WoRLD Database Project.  The site […]

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