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Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research

32827_TRSStarting in February 2010, the journal Transfer:  European Review of Labour and Research, will be published by SAGE on behalf of the European Trade Union Institute.  This journal has been published since 1995, so the change in publisher is the news here.

From the publisher site:

Transfer stimulates dialogue between the European trade union movement and the academic and research community.

Transfer helps to foster understanding of significant developments in the field of European trade union policy and industrial relations.

Transfer contributes research findings of practical relevance to the trade unions. At the same time, it enables the academic research community to gain access to the world of industrial relations.

Transfer contains contributions from a wide range of disciplines (sociology, economics, politics, law and history).

Subscription access to the online version for the Cornell/ILR School community is provided by the Catherwood Library.


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