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Happy Holidays from the Catherwood Library!

Today, December 24, will be the last day the Catherwood Library is open prior to Winter Break. The Library will reopen on January 4. We here at the Catherwood Library wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season, and a Happy New Year! Also, please note that today will be the final day of […]

Workplace Issues Today: Downsizing means loss of expertise

Arizona has downsized its civil service and private sector employees (everyone from plumbers to garbage removal workers) by the hundreds this year, and experts say that the cuts will be back to haunt them as the baby-boom generation starts to retire and there are fewer experienced workers to come by. For example, Scottsdale downsized by […]

Workplace Issues Today: Text-message case makes it to the Supreme Court

California SWAT team sergeant Jeff Quon’s case against his employer has reached the Supreme Court, and will decide issues of workplace privacy in the digital age. Quon’s frequently-used work-issued cell phone was searched by the police department, when they were trying to decide if a higher allowance was needed for work-related calls and text messages. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Airport screeners fight for collective bargaining rights

The American Federation of Government Employees and the National Treasury Employees Union are vying to represent over 40,000 airport screeners. Both unions contend that the way to fix low pay, high turnover and low morale is through collective bargaining. Though screeners have been allowed to join unions since the creation of their field after 9/11, […]

Workplace Issues Today: Shareholders face charges for asbestos deaths

Two shareholders of the building firm Eternit went on trial for causing an environmental disaster and not taking proper safety measures. Allegedly, around 2,200 people died from handling asbestos in four of Eternit’s plants without proper safety measures, and several hundred more became sick. Both shareholders have denied any wrongdoing in the case. If convicted […]

Workplace Issues Today: Without extension, millions lose federal benefits

A new report released by the National Employment Law project, the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Half in Ten Campaign forecasts that without extending the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, millions of workers will be left unemployed and without benefits. The reports projects that 1 million workers will have no benefits in […]

States’ gains, labor’s losses : China, France, and Mexico choose global liaisons, 1980-2000 (Book of the Month)

States’ gains, labor’s losses : China, France, and Mexico choose global liaisons, 1980-2000 by Dorothy J. Solinger is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. In this explicitly comparative work, Dorothy J. Solinger examines the effects of global markets on the domestic politics of major states. In the late 1970s, leaders around the world faced a need […]

Workplace Issues Today: New jobless claims drop, service sector activity falls

A new report released today shows that service sector activity shrank in November, while jobless claims dropped for the fifth week to 457,000 new claims. However, it is expected that the government report on Friday will announce a loss of 130,00 jobs in November. With the service sector index number at 48.7, signaling an economic […]

Workplace Issues Today: Competition for day-laborer jobs has increased in recession

The proportion of native-born American unemployed hanging out on street corners and in home improvement superstore parking lots hoping for a day’s work has drastically increased since 2006, according to UCLA professor Abel Valenzuela Jr. Valenzuela estimated in a report in 2006 that American workers made up 7% of the people seeking day-laborer work on […]

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