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DigitalCommons@ILR to exceed 10,000 uploaded documents

Originally posted in the ILR News Center, November 6, 2009:

10,000 Uploads, 2 Million Downloads

DigitalCommons@ILR a repository for workplace information

Labor trends in Cambodia. On-the-job health hazards for beauticians. The collective bargaining agreement of Watervliet firefighters. Testimony from the Glass Ceiling Commission.

The electronic documents housed within DigitalCommons@ILR cover an immense range of workplace topics. The repository, part of the Catherwood Library, will soon upload its 10,000th document.

“It’s an important milestone,” said Catherwood Library Web and Digital Projects Manager Jim DelRosso, “not only because of the quantity of documents in the repository, but also because it brings attention to the variety and quality of the resources made available through DigitalCommons@ILR.”

Featuring the scholarship of ILR faculty and researchers, DigitalCommons@ILR also contains workplace-related collections selected by Catherwood staff. Collection items include collective bargaining agreements, records of Congressional commissions and archives of labor and globalization-related web sites.

Catherwood Collection Development Librarian Suzanne Cohen said, “The dual purpose of our repository has allowed us to help promote the great work of ILR School authors while extending our library’s collection development mission into the digital arena by collecting materials relevant to ILR disciplines, regardless of origin.”

Accessible via, the repository is hosted on a server in Berkeley, Cal., and maintained by Berkeley Electronic Press. The ILR site opened in late 2004. Its documents have been downloaded nearly two million times.

The most downloaded items in the repository include works by ILR faculty, archived issues of the ILR Review and reports from the Congressional Research Service.

Most visits to DigitalCommons@ILR come through search engines such as Google. Others are referred through the ILR web site, Wikipedia and other sites.


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