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Thanksgiving: BLS Spotlight on Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics always provides some fun and interesting statistics surrrounding holidays and other special events.   To find some statistics about turkeys, American volunteers, spectator sport employment and holiday shopping, see this year’s Thanksgiving:  BLS Spotlight on Statistics.   Happy Thanksgiving!

Workplace Issues Today: AOL cuts costs, jobs

AOL says that it will cut around 2,300 of its 6,900 jobs as part of a restructuring effort brought on by its spin off by Time Warner. The company says that they hope to achieve a large number of the layoffs through a voluntary redundancy program, but will make involuntary cuts. AOL hopes to cut […]

BNA Workplace Immigration Report

BNA’s Workplace Immigration Report is now available from any ILR building.  Access is provided by the Catherwood Library from the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. and is limited to subscribers. Workplace Immigration Report provides original reporting on workplace immigration news developments, federal and state legislation and regulations, and immigration enforcement actions in various industries. It […]

Workplace Issues Today: Tough times for college seniors

A report released by Michigan State University Monday showed that the rate of hiring for recent college graduates has declined significantly. The report surveyed over 2,500 businesses across the country and determined that the job market for college graduates has dropped 40% in the last year. The report showed that businesses expected to hire many […]

Workplace Issues Today: AFL-CIO, DOT and airlines to talk

With airlines continuing to face financial difficulty, the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department asked for a forum in which government officials, unions and major airlines can talk privately. The talks will focus on the effects of deregulation on the industry and whether or not safety is being forfeited. Union officials stated that the airline industry needs […]

Workplace Issues Today: New York Senator pushes for more veteran hires

The junior senator from New York State, Kirsten Gillibrand, is using Veteran’s Day as a platform in pushing for improved treatment of veteran employees (or veteran potential employees). Gillibrand points out that the federal stimulus package included a set of significant tax breaks for companies who hire veterans, but that almost no one knows about […]

DigitalCommons@ILR to exceed 10,000 uploaded documents

Originally posted in the ILR News Center, November 6, 2009: 10,000 Uploads, 2 Million Downloads DigitalCommons@ILR a repository for workplace information Labor trends in Cambodia. On-the-job health hazards for beauticians. The collective bargaining agreement of Watervliet firefighters. Testimony from the Glass Ceiling Commission. The electronic documents housed within DigitalCommons@ILR cover an immense range of workplace […]

Workplace Issues Today: Clorox joins the fight for equal workplace rights

The Clorox Company announced Tuesday that it has joined the Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness. The Coalition comprises a group of US employers who support improving workplace fairness for LGBTQ employees. The coalition supports the Employment Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would establish workplace protections similar to those that exist for other groups, for LGBTQ employees. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Southwest pilots ratify new agreement

After rejecting the new contract put forth this summer, 5,900 pilots at Southwest Airlines, represented by the Southwest Airline’s Pilots Association (SWAPA) have approved a new five-year agreement. The contract includes a pay increase, an 401K increase, and changes in scheduling. The contract also allows for only 4% codeshare by pilots, which they feel increases […]

Learning, training, and development in organizations (Book of the Month)

Learning, training, and development in organizations, edited by Steve W.J. Kozlowski and Eduardo Salas, is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. This scholarly book in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Organizational Frontiers series looks at research on enhancing knowledge acquisition and its application in organizations. It concentrates on training, design and delivery given […]

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