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TWB*: Freakonomics and more

*Tuesdays with Blogs has been on hiatus for the first part of the semester, but is back now and in the spirit of making up for lost time now offers a few blogs of interest. All are related to economics and/or statistics. All are also hosted by the New York Times.


The authors of the bestseller Freakonomics, along with a few guest bloggers, post about a wide variety of economic topics.


“Economics doesn’t have to be complicated. It is the study of our lives — our jobs, our homes, our families and the little decisions we face every day. Here at Economix, David Leonhardt, Catherine Rampell and other contributors will analyze the news and use economics as a framework for thinking about the world.”

By the Numbers

“Charles M. Blow, The Times’s visual Op-Ed columnist, conducts a discussion about all things statistical — from the environment to entertainment — and their visual expressions.”


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