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Workplace Issues Today: World Cup construction workers say ‘game on’!

Construction workers in South Africa have agreed to end their week-long strike over wages, and return to working on the World Cup stadiums at Soccer City in Johannesburg. The National Union of Mineworkers say that an agreement has been reached, although both employees and employers declined to give details until after the signing, scheduled to take place later this afternoon. Contentious issues in the negotiations included a wage raise, and a possible temporary no-strike policy, to ensure that the stadiums are finished in time for the start of the tournament. The union will discuss details after the signing, and says that members will be back to work tomorrow. The strike lasted a week, and is part of a significant number of labor struggles going on across the nation, as a new, more labor-friendly president settles into the South African office.

See “S. African building workers agree to end strike,” by Rebecca Harrison, Reuters, Reuters, Jul 15 2009 (JKW)

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