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Workplace Issues Today: The heat is on for California farmworkers

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California and the United Farm Workers are suing the state of California for failure to adequately protect farmworkers. The unions allege that Cal-OSHA has not enforced laws that protect workers from extreme heat (laws that require regular water breaks, or access to shade, for instance), or made […]

Workplace Issues Today: School union wins small, possibly temporary victory in court

A judge in a Pennsylvania Commonwealth court sided the 191,000 member Pennsylvania State Education Association yesterday by granting a temporary injunction to shield the home addresses of public school educators. Under the law, only the home addresses of judges, law enforcement officers, and persons under 18 are shielded, but the union has expressed concern over […]

More benefit losses: Free beer

As the economy has worsened there have been a number of stories about scaled back benefits. This one is a little different though. It’s not about healthcare, bonuses, and only slightly touches on pensions. Starting January 1st Molson employees will only be allowed to have 60 free beers per month rather than the 84 that they are […]

Why David Sometimes Wins (Book of the Month)

Why David sometimes wins : leadership, organization, and strategy in the California farm worker movement by Marshall Ganz is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. On April 10, 1966, a crowd of 10,000 farm workers and supporters gathered at the California state capitol to celebrate victory in one of the most significant strikes in American history-one […]

Workplace Issues Today: Delta Airlines offers retirement incentive

Delta Airlines has again offered a retirement incentive to its pilot staff this year, a tactic that helped them to let go off 4,000 employees voluntarily last year. This time around, over 9,000 of Delta’s remaining 12,000-plus pilots qualified for the program, though only a small portion decided to undertake it. 215 pilots have at […]

Workplace Issues Today: World Cup construction workers say ‘game on’!

Construction workers in South Africa have agreed to end their week-long strike over wages, and return to working on the World Cup stadiums at Soccer City in Johannesburg. The National Union of Mineworkers say that an agreement has been reached, although both employees and employers declined to give details until after the signing, scheduled to […]

Workplace Issues Today: Bay area commuters still getting around

After a 9-day contract extension, and intense negotiation, employees at the Bay Area Rapid Transit firm have reached a tentative agreement with management, and did so with only an hour remaining in the old contract’s lifetime. As such, a strike threatened by the employees’ two largest unions, has been put on the back-burner, until after […]

Workplace Issues Today: 12 labor leaders head to the White House

A star-studded cast of organized labor leaders in the U.S., including the presidents of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, NEA, UFCW, steelworkers, communication workers, and the Teamsters, are scheduled to meet with President Obama in the White House early next week. The labor leaders hope to touch base with the president on several issues: the status of […]

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