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Workplace Issues Today: Years of experience hard to come by

Largely forgotten amidst the throes of recession, is the fact that some jobs do not have enough people to fill them. It seems that in particular, positions that require years of on-the-job experience are becoming harder and harder to fill. Some employers even fear that the pressure to attend college draws people away from occupational […]

Workplace Issues Today: New restructuring idea may prevent more layoffs in Britain

Britain’s largest telephone company, BT, home to the famous red phonebooths, made a startling staff announcement this week, as it looks to avoid compulsory redundancies and further layoffs (BT has already laid off 15,000 this year, a number that may well double in the next 12 months). Instead, BT has offered employees the option of […]

Workplace Issues Today: MySpace wallowing in competition with Facebook

NewsCorporation, Rupert Murdoch’s digital giant, and the owner of online social networking site MySpace, announced Tuesday that it will lay-off 400 employees in an effort to re-boot the company. The layoffs, representing about 30% of the site’s workforce, come on the heels of a number of staffing changes made at the highest levels, and are […]

Workplace Issues Today: Michigan looks to play ‘both offense and defense’

The crisis in the automotive industry has hit the state of Michigan harder than any other in the country, costing about 800,000 jobs in nine years, and sending the unemployment rate to 12.7%, the highest in the nation. With a $1.4 billion budget deficit this year, Michigan is closing eight prisons and canceling over 130 […]

Losers and Winners (DVD)

The library recently acquired the film Losers and Winners.  You may also want to visit the official web site for the film.    The film provides a look at the dismantling of the Kaiserstuhl coke factory in Germany’s Ruhr Valley. Despite being only eight years old, the factory was shut down and sold to a Chinese […]

Workplace Issues Today: Obama officials withdraw from conference for IAFF picket line

After the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) announced that Providence, Rhode Island firefighters plan to picket at a mayor’s conference to be held in July, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs announced that Vice-President Joe Biden and other high-ranking officials would not be attending. Gibbs said also that the withdrawal was not meant as a […]

Reunion Weekend events at Catherwood Library and the Kheel Center

ILR Reunion 2009 June 5-6, Ithaca Campus Martin P. Catherwood Library The Martin P. Catherwood Library is the leading academic research collection on the workplace and workplace issues in North America. It is not the library you remember. Catherwood is now the library of choice for undergraduates because it is a beautiful facility, and also […]

The International Labour Organization and the quest for social justice, 1919-2009 (Book of the Month)

The International Labour Organization and the quest for social justice, 1919-2009 by Gerry Rodgers, Eddy Lee, Lee Swepston, Jasmien Van Daele is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. This book tells the story of the International Labour Organization (ILO), founded in 1919 in the belief that universal and lasting peace goes hand in hand with social […]

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