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ETUI’s new look

OK, so it’s not so new anymore, but…From the ETUI web site:  “The European Trade Union Institute for Research, Training and Health and Safety (ETUI-REHS) has shed its skin. It is now simply the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). The restyled logo embodies the English acronym ‘ETUI’ for European Trade Union Institute. With the name change comes a new visual identity focused on two values: simplicity and modernity.  With its new, revamped visual identity, the ETUI aims to further strengthen the exchanges and discussions with its partners and expand the reach of the work of its researchers and trainers. The new graphical “look” will be phased in gradually on publications, websites, existing and new emailed newsletters.”

They have a wide variety of full-text online publications, an online catalog called Labourline, which includes more than 46,000 references in both printed and electronic format related to the world of labor, and much more!

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is an international non profit-making Association established under Belgian law.  It has three main objectives:

* conducting research, producing studies and monitoring European issues of strategic importance for the world of labour while building bridges between the academic and research community and the labour movement;
* promoting education and training activities, programmes and exchanges that strengthen a European Trade Union identity;
* providing technical support in the field of occupational health, safety and protection so as to promote a high level of health and safety protection for workers in Europe.


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