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Workplace Issues Today: Non-profit work becoming noticeably more popular

As more and more professional workers lose their jobs, the ranks of non-profit volunteers have swelled. Many laid-off workers turn to volunteer work as something to do, and a way to keep relevant skills updated. In Maryland, Business Volunteers Unlimited, which normally organizes volunteer work for company employees, has now begun to match up laid-off […]

Workplace Issues Today: European employment model looks better in recession

As global stats for the month of April are calculated, it appears that the US unemployment rate may top that of Western Europe for the first time since 1993. The US economic model has long been considered more conducive to low unemployment rates than Europe’s, because of its flexibility and ease of hiring/firing. However, officials […]

Workplace Issues Today: Japan’s economy is down, but employment remains the same

Information released Wednesday shows that Japan’s economy has suffered its worst contraction in nearly 50 years, and yet unemployment in the country has remained steady, and almost 4 percentage points lower than in the United States. This is largely due to government subsidies which support a long-time tradition of life-time employment. If employers have to […]

ETUI’s new look

OK, so it’s not so new anymore, but…From the ETUI web site:  “The European Trade Union Institute for Research, Training and Health and Safety (ETUI-REHS) has shed its skin. It is now simply the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). The restyled logo embodies the English acronym ‘ETUI’ for European Trade Union Institute. With the name […]

Workplace Issues Today: AFL-CIO use actors, singers, to promote EFCA

The AFL-CIO has recruited 47 actors, musicians, performers, comedians, and writers to support pending legislation in Congress: The Employee Free Choice Act. The union released a video titled “Artists4WorkersChoice, the entertainers — many boasting Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony awards and nominations — say they’re union members who work every day for a living.” The […]

Workplace Issues Today: Unions support increasing taxes for healthcare funding

Unions are calling for tax increases on multinational enterprises in order to fund health care reforms in the U.S. Backing the deal is the AFL-CIO, who will attend a Senate meeting on the matter today. The tax changes, initially proposed by President Obama, would raise an additional $210 billion in revenue for the government. Union […]

Workplace Issues Today: NYC schools forced to hire internally

As a result of expected budget cuts, Joel I. Klein, Chancellor of New York City schools, has told principals to stop hiring teachers from outside the system. Schools must look instead to a pool of available teachers internally. The 1,100-member internal pool consists largely of teachers that have lost jobs due to closings and downsizing. […]

The State of Working America 2008/2009 (Book of the Month)

The State of Working America 2008/2009 is Catherwood’s Book of the Month.  The State of Working America, prepared biennially since 1988 by the Economic Policy Institute, includes a wide variety of data on family incomes, wages, taxes, unemployment, wealth, and poverty-data that enable the authors to closely examine the effect of the economy on the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Paterson orders labor peace agreements on state funded projects

New York Governor David Paterson issued an order that requires projects receiving funds or assistance from State agencies to incorporate labor peace agreements with unions trying to organize project workers. The order will make it easier for unions to potentially organize thousands of workers on New York’s largest projects, including hotel projects in Niagara Falls, […]

Workplace Issues Today: UAW may be the winner in auto debacle

Despite the disaster in Detroit for U.S. automakers, the United Autoworkers may come out ahead in the situation. Specifically, the union could walk away with a 50% or more stake in Chrysler and 30% or more stake in General Motors if the restructuring plans developed this week go through. UAW members have already approved the […]

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