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Workplace Issues Today: More than half the world’s workers in “informal” jobs

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released a report estimating that 1.8 billion individuals (more than half of the world’s workers) are employed in “informal” jobs with low pay, no protections or benefits, and no formal labor agreement. Women are particularly affected, representing a larger proportion of the world’s worst-paid workers. The recession has […]

Workplace Issues Today: Unions and Labour lobby for higher U.K. stimulus spending as deficit climbs

Members of the U.K.’s Labour Party and unions are lobbying Prime Minister Gordon Brown to increase government spending to stimulate the economy. The Trade Union Congress suggested funding be set aside for projects such as clean energy, building and insulating homes, and renewing the rail network. The group claims that the U.K. hasn’t been generous […]

Why Unions Matter: 10th Anniversary Edition (Book of the Month)

Why Unions Matter by Michael D. Yates is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. In this new edition of Why Unions Matter, Michael D. Yates shows why unions still matter. Unions mean better pay, benefits, and working conditions for their members; they force employers to treat employees with dignity and respect; and at their best, they […]

Workplace Issues Today: Supreme Court rules arbitration clauses surrendering certain individual rights legal

The U.S. Supreme Court decided that labor unions may legally waive the right of their members to sue over employment discrimination through arbitration clauses. A previous Supreme Court ruling in 1974 limited arbitration clauses, promoting three night watchmen in New York to sue a building owner over alleged age discrimination, despite a union agreement requiring […]

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