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Workplace Issues Today: Massachusetts state senators to take unpaid leave

In Massachusetts, 40 state senators agreed to unpaid furloughs in order to combat budget problems. Massachusetts is facing a $2 billion budget shortfall this year. Senators in the $50,000 – $75,000 range will take three furlough days, while those earning more will take five. The group will take the days off before July 1st, saving […]

IBISWorld Industry Reports

The Cornell University Community now has access to IBISWorld, a searchable database of over 700 detailed U.S. industry market reports.  Cornell currently also has access to the China industy reports.  Reports typically have contents including statistics, segmentation, market characteristics, industry conditions, key factors, key competitors, industry performance, and outlook.  As a sign of the times, […]

Equal Pay Day

And while we’re on the subject of workplace observances, today is also Equal Pay Day. Observed since 1996, this Tuesday in April represents how far into the year the average working women needs to work in order to earn as much as a man did in the previous year. For more information on Equal Pay […]

Workers Memorial Day

Today is the 21st observation of Workers Memorial Day. Its date chosen in honor of the founding of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — and to reflect a similar day of remembrance in Canada — Workers Memorial Day honors the multitudes of workers who are injured or killed on the job every year. For […]

Workplace Issues Today: Unions up lobbying spending; businesses pull back

Although businesses cut lobbying spending by about 31% in 2009, labor unions have spent even more this year. Industry groups and business associations spent about $30 million less than they spent at the end of 2008. Unions on the other hand, increased lobbying funding by 15%. The president of the Public Affairs Council, Douglas Pinkham, […]

Workplace Issues Today: Kentucky hospital provides good example for unions on why EFCA needed

In Louisville, Kentucky a majority of hospital workers at Norton Audubon Hospital have signed union cards many times over the past few decades. Each time, however, the vote to unionize fails. An NLRB judge said management engaged in intimidation and illegal discharges in order to win the elections, making Norton a prime example for labor […]

Union Days Follow-up

The ILR ALumni Media site has posted the videos from two of the Union Days events. If you missed either of these, feel free to visit and watch. Keynote Speaker: Tom Geoghegan (Lecture starts at about the 9:30 mark) Employee Free Choice Debate The site also has other ILR ONLINE videos of interest to alumni, […]

“We’re union members.”

On Thursday, NBC Nightly News interviewed members of the crew of the Maersk Alabama, which was subject to an attack by Somali pirates that ended when the U.S. Navy rescued Capt. Richard Phillips last weekend. During the interview third engineer John Cronan attributed the crew’s ability to retain control of their ship to their union membership: “We’re American […]

Workplace Issues Today: Chicago Mayor requests further union concessions to cover $300 million deficit

Chicago Mayor Daley has said he will be forced to lay off 1,600 city workers unless unions agree to concessions aimed at eliminating a $300 million budget deficit. The city has already laid off 420 employees this year – an number significantly smaller than was planned thanks to the union concessions that were made already. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Oregon’s unemployment rate reaches 12.1%

Oregon’s jobless rate jumped to a shocking 12.1% (up from 10.7%) in March. Although full data has not yet been released, it is possible that the jump will make Oregon the state with the highest unemployment rate in the country – a role that currently belongs to Michigan with a 12% jobless rate. Oregon’s unemployment […]

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