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The Sage Handbook of Industrial Relations (Book of the Month)

Book cover

The Sage Handbook of Industrial Relations by Nick A. Bacon, Paul Blyton, Emund Heery, and Jack Fiorito (Eds.) is Catherwood’s Book of the Month.

[From the publisher web site] Over the last two decades, a number of factors have converged to produce a major rethink about the field of Industrial Relations. Globalization, the decline of trade unions, the spread of high performance work systems, and the emergence of a more feminized, flexible work-force have opened new avenues of inquiry. The SAGE Handbook of Industrial Relations charts these changes and analyzes them. It provides a systematic, comprehensive survey of the field. The book is organized into four interrelated sections:

• Theorizing Industrial Relations
• The changing institutions that shape employment practice
• The processes used by governments, employers, and unions
• Income inequality, employee wellbeing, business performance, and national comparative advantages

The result is a work of unprecedented scope and unparalleled ambition. It offers a complete guide to the central debates, new developments, and emerging themes in the field. It will quickly be recognized as the indispensable reference for teachers, students and researchers. It is relevant to economists, lawyers, sociologists, business and management researchers, and Industrial Relations specialists.

Los Angeles; London: Sage Publications. 688 pages pages
ISBN 9781412911542


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