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Workplace Issues Today: Unite Here faces internal conflict as VPs attempt to undo 2004 merger

Unite Here, which was formed in 2004 after a merger of hotel and textile workers unions, is confronting troubles from within. 15 Unite Here vice presidents are attempting to undo the merger, claiming that the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union leaders joined the group to gain access to assets rather than with the intention of working together. 62% of Unite Here’s board, however, voted to keep the union united. The faction also alleges that the merger has not sucessfully allowed the union to organize more workers – a high priority goal – and that they have 40% membership backing. Unite Here is disputing the validity of such claims.

See Unite Here executives suing to split up union over ‘tyranny’,” by Francine Knowles, Chicago Sun Times, Feb 11 2009 (KBT)

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