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Workplace Issues Today: Union coalition helps avoid furloughs for Colorado workers

The union coalition Workers for Innovation and New Solutions (WINS) has made much progress in Colorado by preventing worker furloughs and creating a team to address other issues such as healthcare, wages, and work conditions. The Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, expressed gratitude towards WINS for their part in avoiding furloughs and layoffs. He implied, […]

NYS Merit-based Pay Programs – Catherwood’s Reference Question of the Month

Each month Catherwood’s librarians and reference staff feature a “Reference Question of the Month.” This February it is: How can I find out which NYS schools use merit-based pay programs? To see the answer, visit the Reference Question of the Month page on Catherwood’s web site.

Workplace Issues Today: UAW agrees to retiree healthcare concessions for Ford

The UAW and Ford Motor Co. reached an agreement to cut billions of dollars in cash obligations to a healthcare fund for retirees. The deal permits Ford to make about half of its required payments to the fund in equity rather than cash. Ford said that reducing its obligations to the fund, known as the […]

Spring 2009 Library Workshops

Learn Lexis, basic ILR research, or a number of other in-demand skills by attending one of our spring workshops. A full list of classes and the link to register for each can be found here.

Workplace Issues Today: Union battle continues at Starbucks

In December of last year Starbucks Corp. was found guilty of violating federal labor laws. The National Labor Relations Board ruling was a result of the firm’s attempts to prevent unionizing at several Starbucks locations in New York City. The trial revealed high tensions between Starbucks baristas and managers. The company has been unionized before, […]

The Sage Handbook of Industrial Relations (Book of the Month)

The Sage Handbook of Industrial Relations by Nick A. Bacon, Paul Blyton, Emund Heery, and Jack Fiorito (Eds.) is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. [From the publisher web site] Over the last two decades, a number of factors have converged to produce a major rethink about the field of Industrial Relations. Globalization, the decline of […]

Workplace Issues Today: Unite Here faces internal conflict as VPs attempt to undo 2004 merger

Unite Here, which was formed in 2004 after a merger of hotel and textile workers unions, is confronting troubles from within. 15 Unite Here vice presidents are attempting to undo the merger, claiming that the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union leaders joined the group to gain access to assets rather than with the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Women may make up majority of workforce as layoffs disproportionately affect men

The global economic recession may have an interesting consequence: women could make up a majority of America’s workforce for the first time in history. The financial crisis, which spurred widespread layoffs across a broad range of industries, has incidentally affected men more. In fact, 82% of job cuts have impacted men, particularly in manufacturing and […]

Labor Unions and Health Care

According to the latest Union Members in 2008 news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10.5% of those employed in healthcare support occupations are represented by a labor union.  See Table 3. Union affiliation of employed wage and salary workers by occupation and industry.  A source that you might not think of for information […]

Workplace Issues Today: Productivity up and labor costs down, but unemployment still at a 26-year high

Data released by the Labor Department today indicates that productivity soared during the final three months of 2008, while labor cost growth nonetheless decreased. In fact, productivity increased at a rate of 3.2% – significantly higher than the 1.1% predicted for that period. The cost of labor increased by 1.8%, 1.1% lower than expectations. The […]

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