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The Cornell University Library is providing members of the Cornell community with access to, an excellent resource for faculty, staff, and students of the ILR School who want to gather information about a nation that’s a growing force in the world of work.

From the website itself: is the authentic source for Indian statistics collected from the best sources for information and statistics on India. Within huge database of you can easily surf through half-a-million pages that contain socio-economic statistical data and useful information on India.

At the site, you will have an easy access to statistics on health in India, figures on higher education in India, agricultural and industrial production information, economic statistics on India and tourism related data et al. Not only this, you will also get information on sectors like bank and financial institutions, companies, co-operatives, crime and law, population, foreign trade, labour and workforce, housing, media, power, transport, urban-rural settlements and economy in India and many more.

Data and statistics about India available on can easily be downloaded in MS- Excel/ HTML formats by institutional and corporate users.

The available data and statistics on India cater to academicians, researchers and professionals in marketing, finance, socio-economic studies e.g. social sciences, economic research, political sciences, law and host of other disciplines as they will find an extremely useful online resource for their India centric information needs. It is a paid site accessible only to registered members.

Click here to check it out!

(Note: this is a licensed site, available only to members of the Cornell community.  If you’re a member of the Cornell community and having trouble connecting from of-campus, click here for help.)


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