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Workplace Issues Today: Stimulus initiative proposes strengthening infrastructure, gains support from unions and business

Labor unions, including the National Association of Manufacturers, matched the sentiments of business executives and both political parties, as diverse interests combined forces Wednesday to lobby for a multibillion dollar initiative aimed at strengthening infrastructure. The plan involves federal spending on roads, bridges, waterways, airports, railways, schools and green technology in an effort to boost […]

November Workshops – Invest in Knowledge!

Want to improve your skills, make yourself more marketable, and make your life easier? Attend one of our upcoming workshops! Quick, painless, and full of useful knowledge on a variety of subjects. Come to one or all, they are free! Company Research/HR Practices Bootcamp This class will help you research companies, with the focus on […]

Workplace Issues Today: LA labor leaders win out in court

Administrative Judge John A. McCarrick found Friday that the LAX Hilton had violated labor laws several times during 2006. The court found that employees had been wrongfully disciplined for engaging in legal protests and work stoppages, and had been pushed or threatened. The hotel suspended 77 workers in May 2006, during a work stoppage in […]

A romantic comedy about outsourcing?

Another addition to Catherwood’s DVD collection is Outsourced, “a modern day comedy of cross-cultural conflict and romance…Todd Anderson spends his days managing a customer call center in Seattle until his job, along with those of the entire office, are outsourced to India. Adding insult to injury, Todd must travel to India to train his new […]

Workplace Issues Today: Agway 401(k) participants receive settlement for mismanaged funds

Investors in the Agway Inc. 401(k) plan in DeWitt, N.Y. will receive $8,590,000 in a settlement achieved by the U.S. Department of Labor. Plan officials and the Agway board of directors also face fines, and stipulations regarding future management of employee benefit funds, as the plan was severely mishandled in this case. In violation of […]

Workplace Issues Today: Once-plentiful day jobs disappear, many struggle

With the economy in crisis, many day-laborer staples, such as Home Depot, have drastically cut down the number of day-laborers they hire each week. The number of laborers has also gone up, largely due to sweeping layoffs. Only a year or two ago, when home-building was rampant, most of these laborers worked every day. This […]

DigitalCommons@ILR provides resources from the New York State PERB

DigitalCommons@ILR contains several digital collections dedicated to the reports created and contracts collected by the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, or PERB. PERB was created in 1967 with the enactment of the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act (commonly known as the Taylor Law). Although the Taylor Law constitutes §200-214 of the Civil Service […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wal-Mart shop abruptly closed because of union contract

Wal-Mart abruptly closed a tire shop in Gatineau, Canada Thursday. Incidentally, the shop was the first in North America to be unionized. Wal-Mart claims costs associated with the tire shop contract were negatively impacting the main store, (which was not closed) citing a 30% increase in operating costs. The three-year union agreement, which was implemented […]

New additions to our DVD collection

 Here are some titles that were recently added to Catherwood Library’s DVD collection.  Check them out! Argentina:  Turning Around : In the 90s, Argentina embraced economic globalization, but instead of making everyone rich, the economy collapsed. Businesses failed, unemployment soared, the government was paralyzed — until ordinary people from all walks of life began to […]

Workplace Issues Today: Study suggests unions increase quality of care in hospitals

A new study, published in Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations Review found that compared to nonunion hospitals, hospitals with unionized nurses have 5.5% fewer deaths from heart attacks. The study was conducted by a University of Massachusetts economics and public policy professor in conjunction with a University of California community health professor, and examined […]

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