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Workplace Issues Today: Airport negotiations fall through, threatening Labor Day revelers

Members of the Service Employees International Union Local 1877 cast aside baggage carts in favor of picket signs at noon yesterday, marking the beginning of a strike that is expected to increase in size over the weekend. The strike affects several large terminals serving American, United, Southwest and Northwest Airlines, though an airline spokeswoman has […]

Workplace Issues Today: Amid financial worries, Ford takes unconventional approach to boosting employee confidence

After two years of job cuts that laid-off thousands of blue collar, and hundreds of white collar workers, Ford Motor Co. felt it had to do something drastic to reassure its remaining employees, and hopefully, its remaining customers. The solution? Let the employees test out the cars. The idea behind letting the employees drive the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Cinderella, Tinkerbell hauled off to jail

32 costumed protesters were arrested on minor traffic and failure-to-obey violations outside a Disneyland resort hotel Thursday, causing quite a stir among passing park-goers. The protest was the 14th in six months that Unite Here Local 681 has staged against Disneyland. The protests center around the company’s newly proposed contract, which union members say makes […]

Fall 2008 Training Opportunities

The new list of training opportunities has been posted. Workshops are generally 1-1.5 hours and usually include a chance to get hands-on practice with the resource or topic in question. Some examples of classes include: Lexis ILR Research RefWorks And many more! Please visit the Catherwood instruction/training page to see a complete list and to register.

Workplace Issues Today: Some California businesses hurting as state cracks down on workers’ comp

New data suggesting that employers, rather than employees, tend to be the biggest defrauders of the California workers’ compensation system is prompting that state to step up enforcement against businesses that flout the law. Since May, state labor officials have discovered that almost one in eight businesses examined were not providing workers’ compensation insurance, and […]

Industrial and Organizational Psychology – NEW journal

Catherwood Library has subscribed to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a new journal published by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). From the publisher: “The focus of this journal is on an exchange of perspectives. The typical issue contains two focal articles, which summarize a body of conceptual and/or empirical literature on a topic […]

Workplace Issues Today: Jobless rate climbs to four-year peak

In what was the seventh straight month of job contractions, employers in America shed 51,000 jobs last month, and the jobless rate has now reached a four-year high. Wage growth fell far behind the pace of inflation as well; additionally, the cuts came across a broad spectrum of industries. In addition to the usual standards […]

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