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How do I find historical corporate financial statement data?

From Catherwood’s Reference Question of the Month. Answer: All publicly held U.S. companies are required to file annual financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 10-K reports have been required for public companies since the 1930s, and if you do not find what you are looking for in the sources below, you may […]

Community of Industrial Relations Librarians

Did you know that there is an international group of information professionals from academic, union, government, corporate, and nonprofit organizations in the field of industrial relations and human resource management who cooperate on projects, share resources and information, and learn from one another? There is! It is the Community of Industrial Relations Librarians — CIRL […]

Workplace Issues Today: New Supreme Court ruling clears the way for age discrimination suits

A new ruling by the Supreme Court will make it easier for older workers to bring suit against employers they believe have discriminated against them based on age. In a 7-to-1 vote, the Court ruled that the burden is on employer to demonstrate that dismissal of a worker resulted from “reasonable factors other than age”. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Fatigue, division spark low turnout in French strikes

Turnout was lower than expected in a nationwide strike by French workers protesting President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attempts to reform pensions and the 35-hour work week, according to France’s largest union. While the CGT union had set a goal of over a million striking workers, only an estimated 500,000 turned out, due in part to a […]

Workplace Issues Today: Unions provide key ally for Bloomberg in Willets Point development

An effort to develop a 62-acre enclave of auto repair shops and cinder block sheds near Shea Stadium got a boost when Mayor Michael Bloomberg reached an agreement with local labor leaders to provide workers with union jobs and competitive wages in exchange for union support for the project. Under the proposed development the area […]

Workplace Issues Today: Japanese workers sue employers over bad work conditions

Japanese workers are beginning to force changes in the unwritten social contracts that once bound them to their employers even more tightly than the official, written ones. As the nation’s economic decline caused their wages and job security to dwindle as their unpaid overtime increased, more and more of these workers have started turning to […]

Workplace Issues Today: Conference provides rallying point for domestic workers

New York City was this weekend the site for the first National Domestic Workers Congress, four days of workshops, meetings and a rally to demand rights for a work force that organizers describe as splintered, almost invisible, and staggeringly difficult to organize. “Collective bargaining is not possible,” said Ai-jen Poo, an organizer with Domestic Workers […]

Reminder! Catherwood Reunion Events

ILR celebrates the endowment of the Harriet Morel Oxman Directorship of the Catherwood Library 4:00-5:00pm, LRP Collections Lobby, Catherwood Library Please join us in honoring our benefactor Harriet Morel Oxman ’48 and her husband Ted Oxman. In recognition of exceptional support for ILR, the position of the Harriet Morel Oxman Directorship of the Catherwood Library […]

The “best of both worlds” in sociological research

Catherwood and Cornell now have access to the “best of both worlds” in terms of sociological research. SocINDEX with Full Text and Sociological Abstracts are the two top indexes to the literature of sociology. Try both for searches in organizational behavior; industrial sociology; diversity in the workplace; occupational roles; unemployment; leadership; conflict resolution; and so […]

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