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Leadership Library offers personnel contact info

For the ILR Community only, we subscribe to the Leadership Library on the Internet (access from ILR buildings). Need contact info for the HR Director at Best Buy? Need contact info for the Research and Statistics Director in the New York State Department of Labor? Want to search for labor-related associations? Need to know who sits on the U.S. Federal House Committee on Education and Labor? Want to create a list of e-mail addresses for HR Directors in the Non-profit sector? These are just a few questions that can be answered by the Leadership Library, and there is so much more!

Includes Congressional, Federal, State, Corporate, News media, Municipal yellow book, Federal regional, Judicial, Financial , Associations, Law firms, Government affairs, Foreign representatives, and Nonprofit sector. The site allows searching and browsing within individual directories or across all 14 directories using single or multiple criteria, such as name, job title, industry, and geographical location.


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