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RQOTM: Where can I find information about which unions can be found in my local area?

Whether you are looking for the corporate offices or local representatives for a certain union, there are a few good resources to help you out. One great source is your state’s Department of Labor. Most states have an office that oversees state laws and regulations and collects information regarding unions operating in that state. To […]

Human Resources Research

Human Resources Abstracts and International Abstracts of Human Resources are two indexes to the scholarly and popular literature of management, human resources and personnel (journals and books). These are great places to start, if you are trying to do research on topics such as: organizational behavior; work/family issues; equal opportunity; labor relations; teams; job satisfaction; […]

Looking for a labor photo?

Try the Kheel Center’s Labor Photo digital collection – The photograph collections in the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives include approximately 350,000 images on film, paper, glass, and other media. The collected materials, which are largely from the 20th century, were gathered by labor unions, management organizations, arbitrators, and theorists, and provide […]

Need Occupational Safety and Health information?

Catherwood (and Cornell University Library) offer numerous resources for occupational safety and health research. Everything from OSH-ROM, which is an index to the occupational safety and health literature, to BNA’s Occupational Safety & Health Reporter (ILR Community only), a weekly current awareness newsletter, to AFSCME’s Health and Safety Issues web page, can be found on […]

Subscribe to the IWS Documented News Service

The IWS News Service is intended to keep researchers, companies, workers, and governments aware of the latest information related to ILR disciplines as it becomes available for the purposes of research, understanding and debate. It is unique in that it provides the original source documentation, via links, behind the news and research of the day. […]

WIT: Writer’s strike updates

Writers win, but some could lose jobs Despite ‘winning’ the tumultuous contract dispute with major studios and networks, writers for television shows could find their jobs canceled as a result of the strike. Pundits say that writers returning to struggling or new shows mid-season may find that networks will find it more cost-effective to simply […]

Leadership Library offers personnel contact info

For the ILR Community only, we subscribe to the Leadership Library on the Internet (access from ILR buildings). Need contact info for the HR Director at Best Buy? Need contact info for the Research and Statistics Director in the New York State Department of Labor? Want to search for labor-related associations? Need to know who […]

Catherwood Workshops Scheduled

The Catherwood Library has scheduled workshops on doing ILR research, searching Lexis, and more. Please visit this page to learn more about each workshop or to sign up.

CAHRS Working Papers Series available on DigitalCommons@ILR

The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) in the ILR School investigates critical issues of the day and at any given time, has several major policy-oriented studies under way. Both faculty researchers and the Center’s corporate sponsors — those corporations that support and fund CAHRS — help determine the topics of study. CAHRS Working […]

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