The (mis)adventures of Caroline, a Cornell student abroad in Copenhagen.

Trip to Amsterdam in Feburary

The weekend after my Danish language final I went to Amsterdam! I met up with my friend Victoria and some of her friends who were doing a month-long program at University College of London (UCL) for a quick weekend. On… Continue Reading →

10 Goals for Studying Abroad

10 Goals for Being Abroad: 1. Become good friends with Danish students/residents. 2. Travel to at least 10 countries. 3. Learn basic Danish (Check!) 4. Get a bike to explore Copenhagen and save money (Chec!k) 5. Meet students from countries… Continue Reading →

Streets of Nørreport

Board Games and Coffee

The second week of class was when I started having fun in Copenhagen. I finally got over my jet lag and got my bearings on the city. I went to Bastard {Board games and Coffee} Cafe with my classmates after… Continue Reading →

Danish Language and Culture Class

The day after I landed in Copenhagen (January 4th), I started taking my Danish Language and Culture class. I have class until January 27th, Monday-Friday from 9am-12:30pm. The goal of this class is to learn basic Danish so we can… Continue Reading →

Week 1 and 2: Copenhagen Technicalities

Below is a guide for Exchange Students when they first get to Copenhagen: Residence Permit: in order to study here, you must apply for a residence permit. This should be done in the Fall at one of the Danish Consulates… Continue Reading →

Weeks 1 and 2: Public Transportation in Copenhagen

I’ve spent my first two weeks here running around to complete paper work and explore while similtaneously combating jetlag. Here is a breakdown of the public transportation in Copenhagen (future Exchange Students, the next few posts will be very important… Continue Reading →

My {long over-due} pre-departure post…

Hi everyone!! I’m excited to finally get my blog started!! Since I have arrived in Copenhagen, I’ve run into a few setbacks: being unable to connect to my wifi in my apartment, being unable to get aSIM card for my… Continue Reading →

Hej og Velkommen (Hello and Welcome)!

My Name is Caroline and I am Junior Biology and Society Major studying at the University of Copenhagen from January to June of 2015. A Long Island native who has never been to Europe, I have always wanted to explore… Continue Reading →

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