not another last!

As a senior at Cornell in May, there are a LOT of LASTS.  Some are silly, some are obviously not LASTS but more “lasts for the next couple of years” and some are actually bittersweet, veritable lasts. Here is a little taste of some of my lasts, both completed and approaching:

My last shift TAing biochemistry.
My last shift in the Learning Strategies Center.
(Having to turn in keys to both of these places was particularly sad.  I felt so important having keys to random rooms in Stimson, the biology building.)

My last Cornell Fund Shift.  Tonight! I started working there freshmen year in September and have been there ever since.  I’ll miss you Blue Room.  (The room in the Engineering Library where we call alumni from.  Why is it called the Blue Room? 4 years there and I have yet to figure that out.)

My last Tradition Student Advisory Council (SAC) picnic.  Gorging myself on burgers, pasta salad, watermelon and Wegman’s (the bestest grocery store in the world) carrot cake all while relaxing in front of Cayuga Lake in Stewart Park.  Sure it was a little chilly, but it’s been a tradition (pun intended!) since freshmen year…sigh…I’ll miss you SACers!

My last class.  My writing class, the pleasure of my academic existence this past semester.  Never enjoyed a class more at Cornell. It was painful when I had to go late or miss a class.  And that’s definitely not how I feel about all of my classes.

My last skipped class.  Although for a good reason.  If you can’t skip a class to leave for a sibling’s wedding, when can you?  Although I admit in my past I have had some not so good reasons as well.  That’s what senior year can sometime to do you though -rapidly reprioritize your life.  (Wegman’s? Class? Wegman’s? Class? Easy choice when you’re a senior.)

My last walk up to North.  This is one of those “probably not a last but still sad.”

My last (and fourth for that matter) intramural softball game.  Let’s just say they had to use the mercy rule, and it wasn’t pretty for us.

My last frenzied study session in Olin/Uris libraries.  This is an upcoming last and actually something I can’t say I’m too sad about.

My last time seeing many friends and acquaintances.  Granted, it seems like half of the Cornell senior class is moving house to NYC, where I’ll be, but this is it for many a good friend/ classmate/ professor.  As I always say, the people are the best part of this school and this is definitely the saddest last I can imagine right now.

Good grief! Graduation is sad! I’ll have to do my next entry on a cheerier subject.  Promise.

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  1. Hi Caroline,
    I’ll be freshman at Cornell this fall! I’m very excited. And I love to read your blog to get more insight on life in Ithaca.
    I plan on majoring in biology–just like you. I was wondering if you could give me a little more information about the program. For instance, I was curious as to what internships/volunteer activities you’ve done and also what your post-grad plans are.


  2. Hi Vidda! I’m glad there is at least one person out there who has found my blog helpful! If you can stay tuned for the next week or two, I should provide answers to all your questions in my entries! Thanks for reading!

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