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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from CAPS!

CAPS 2012 dining with CAPS alumni, faculty, and administrators in Beijing. CAPS 2012 with Chinese language faculty at the Great Wall.

Tanzhe Temple (潭柘寺)

Trekking out to the Western Hills (西山) to check out Tanzhe Temple was…an adventure. I was thinking about it the night before, on whim, and decided to go only just the morning of — which just happened to be the mid-Autumn festival. It’s funny, because I know myself to be the risk averse, planning ahead […]

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

You’d be surprised by the quantity and variety of these desserts in China. My father’s side of the family is Chinese so I thought I was pretty well acquainted with them, the sorts that come in fours inside elaborately decorated tin cans shipped from Hong Kong and bought at Chinese supermarkets in Flushing. Two weeks […]



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