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china reflections

hey all, ian here. i graduated early this past fall, which means that my beijing semester was my conclusion to college. i wrote this article for my personal blog.  it contains a few of my thoughts on my experience in china. enjoy:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from CAPS!

CAPS 2012 dining with CAPS alumni, faculty, and administrators in Beijing. CAPS 2012 with Chinese language faculty at the Great Wall.

Dinner on the Town with CAPS (VIDEO)

We all loved our Chinese teacher, Asst. Prof. Gao Huiyi of East China Normal University, and had a great time getting to know her this semester!  Here’s most of CAPS 2012 with Gao Laoshi on Sept. 10, 2010 (Teacher’s Day in China):

Cornell in Washington photos – Round 2!

(Above) CAPS 2012 at the Supreme Court.  Cornell in Washington students had the opportunity to have a private Q&A session with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Cornell alumna. (Below) CAPS 2012 at the Chinese Embassy, celebrating the 61st anniversary of the founding of the P.R.C., with Professors Richard Bush and Gao Huiyi, and CAPS Assistant Director […]

Cornell in Washington photos – Round 1

Countdown to Washington!

Rising CAPS juniors have only a few more days before starting their Cornell-in-Washington semester!  Move-in begins on Sunday the 22nd and classes start the following Wednesday. Stay tuned in coming weeks as the juniors blog about moving in, life at the center, internships and classes.  Photos to come soon! In the meantime, stay classy : […]



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