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Da Shan solo comedy

I love this video of Da Shan.  Funny joke, easy to understand.  Enjoy! Best, Ian

Secretary Clinton’s challenge, the 100,000 Strong Initiative, and more

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently issued a letter challenging American universities to double the number of students they send to China for study by the year 2014.  Read her letter here: Secretary Clinton hopes that this measure will aid in the achievement of the Obama Administration’s “100,000 Strong Initiative,” an effort launched in […]

End-of-Semester Updates and Congrats to the Class of 2010!

CAPS 2010 Commencement and the 5th Anniversary of the CAPS Major at Cornell have come and gone, and the CAPS Classes of 2011, 2012 and 2013 would like to wish this year’s seniors the best of success in their future endeavors. The CAPS Class of 2010 is: Jonathan Delikat | 狄家盛 Nicholas Elser | 欧阳易 […]

Friday night dinner

When CAPS majors aren’t creating extended metaphors about regional alliances, peripheral powers, and bandwagoning on Google Buzz while referencing Bob Ross’ candid lecture from last Wednesday’s seminar, we like to get together for dinner. Did I mention we’re nothing short of amazing?  谢谢 to Matt Silverstein and Jon Delikat for organizing the get-together!

2010 CAPS Reception Photos

On Thursday, CAPS students, staff and faculty gathered at A.D. White House for a classy evening together.  The CAPS reception provides a chance for underclassmen to meet with upperclassmen returning from D.C. and Beijing, and for students to meet faculty.  It was also an excuse to eat a lot of food, which is always good! […]

China Bridge Winter Program Overview

Over break, 51 Cornell students, including 13 CAPS majors, visited China at the invitation of Hanban, the Chinese government’s language council and Confucius Institute sponsor.  Over the course of three weeks, CAPS students had a chance to visit Beijing (1 week) and Hangzhou (2 weeks).  Highlights of the Beijing portion of our trip included visits […]

CAPS Social this Thursday!

The annual get-together where CAPS faculty and students hang out, eat food, and chat is going to be this Thursday, February 4th, at the A.D. White House (next to Rockefeller Hall) from 5-7 p.m.  I’m sad that I can’t go because of chamber orchestra rehearsal (disclaimer — I do like rehearsals, I just wish it […]

2012 and 2013 Brunch

New TIME article worth reading,8599,1938671,00.html

Haiyan’s Birthday!

I just wanted to make a somewhat-belated note that Haiyan Wang’s birthday was November 2nd, and if you haven’t yet wished her a happy birthday, you can send her a quick note at hw365. We recently had a CAPS information session for the freshmen and sophomores on campus (which drew a good 20-25 people, and […]

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