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china reflections

hey all, ian here. i graduated early this past fall, which means that my beijing semester was my conclusion to college. i wrote this article for my personal blog.  it contains a few of my thoughts on my experience in china. enjoy:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from CAPS!

CAPS 2012 dining with CAPS alumni, faculty, and administrators in Beijing. CAPS 2012 with Chinese language faculty at the Great Wall.

Late Night Noshing

Finals have rolled around, and everyone here at Cornell (is mostly) studying. And writing. And studying, and writing, and finishing up projects, et al. This results in late nights, and with late nights, comes late night eats. I imagine typical students get something delivered from, venture out to Collegetown Bagels, or go to the […]


While February 14th is known as Valentine’s Day to most of us, to several billion people this year, it marks the start of a new year according to the lunar calendar — a.k.a. Chinese New Year.  It’ll be the Year of the Tiger (which, come to think of it, is the year most of the […]

China Bridge Winter Program Overview

Over break, 51 Cornell students, including 13 CAPS majors, visited China at the invitation of Hanban, the Chinese government’s language council and Confucius Institute sponsor.  Over the course of three weeks, CAPS students had a chance to visit Beijing (1 week) and Hangzhou (2 weeks).  Highlights of the Beijing portion of our trip included visits […]


Happy 2010, everyone!  In China, it’s a traditional custom to eat oranges to celebrate the new year.  We ate oranges all the time in China (being health conscious after eating the sodium and calorie fortified dining hall fare, you know) — it’s easy to get a bunch for a couple kuai on campus.  There’s one […]

Sifting through the library catalog

Search terms: “Australia” AND “China” Search Return #41: K835.6156/G293 How Mao died : Chinese love-story …What?

Snow:2nd Edition

Sunny September Morning (outside my bedroom window) Snowy November Morning

The Internet at Beida

Why yes, how on earth did you guess? There are few things more temperamental than a fussy newborn, and one of those things is the Internet connection at Beida. You want to run a Google Image Search pandas? Why don’t I just reset your connection? Oh, and throw GMail off kilter for a good measure? […]

First snowfall!

Okay, so it involved silver iodide missiles (which I didn’t find out about until three-four days later), but it snowed in Beijing!  We weren’t here for it because we were out in Shandong Province (where it also snowed ridiculously, albeit quickly) for the weekend but there was still some left for me to enthusiastically take […]

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