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NewsBeat: Post-Christmas headlines on China

As a new feature of this blog, I will provide weekly updates with links to some of the web’s most-circulated articles on China and other articles I find of personal interest.  If you come across an article you would like to see submitted to the NewsBeat, shoot me an email at

China's Mengniu Dairy Co. the latest to emerge in ongoing dairy industry scandal

Tainted milk redux – China’s Mengniu Dairy Co. is the latest to emerge as target of dairy industry scandal (from the Wall Street Journal)

iPhone 4S introduced to China as early as January – second generation rich rejoice! (from MobileBeat)

China launches GPS alternative – is “Compass” a threat to the U.S. military? (from the Wall Street Journal)

China wins first foreign oil contract in Afghanistan – nice to know our American sacrifices have opened new Chinese opportunities! (from The Independent)

China and Japan strike a currency deal – good or bad for the U.S. economy? (from Bloomberg)

Mainland Chinese student enrollment up dramatically at U.S. schools – at greatest disadvantage to Asian-American applicants? (from Bloomberg)

Using mental hospitals to quiet dissent – the Chinese state commits protesters to mental institutions in an effort to silence them. (from USA Today)

Black box results on Wenzhou rail crash – government report surprisingly harsh on high-speed rail industry, corrupt officials (from the Wall Street Journal)


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