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Da Shan solo comedy

I love this video of Da Shan.  Funny joke, easy to understand.  Enjoy! Best, Ian

[VIDEO] Cute videos about US-China exchange

This first video was introduced yesterday by Secretary Clinton at an annual event entitled “U.S.-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange.”  I think the second American’s 汉语 is pretty stellar, right? This second video is a promotional video for a language learning/touring program with EF Tours.  Apparently, if you go to Beijing, you are likely to find […]

On China’s Whitepaper on National Defense 2010

The Chinese government publishes a Defense White Paper approximately every two years with this year’s white paper published well beyond previous publication dates. The Economist argues that this date reflects the complexity and drastic changes in the international community over the past few months, particularly in the Middle East and in North Africa. Somethings to […]



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