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How I Saved the World (or My Computer)

It was a pretty mundane work day, until I realized that the Internet didn’t work and had to move to connect my laptop to a different LAN port.  I got up, laptop in both hands, and there was this strange noise coming from the hardware, like something broke off from the motherboard and scuttling around […]

Insufficient Planning

It is freezing in Beijing and I did NOT bring enough warm clothes. Spending last fall semester in D.C. has inappropriately skewed my perception of fall weather (see: Pulling out the peacoat in late November) and my only source of comfort is the recently-acquired 149 kuai 毛毯 from Carrefour. I was pretty scandalized by the […]

Streetside Quirks

Almost every day, there’s something small I see or hear outside that makes me smile. The other day, it was a little boy squatting on the sidewalk, Chinese-style with ankles firmly planted on the ground, poking the sand with a skewer. Today, it was hearing Yann Tiersen’s music on the subway platform. Amelie aside, I […]

Tanzhe Temple (潭柘寺)

Trekking out to the Western Hills (西山) to check out Tanzhe Temple was…an adventure. I was thinking about it the night before, on whim, and decided to go only just the morning of — which just happened to be the mid-Autumn festival. It’s funny, because I know myself to be the risk averse, planning ahead […]

China National Day Parade in Time-Elapse

This is a little late in coming, but a friend recommended this very interesting time-elapse video of the China National Day celebration, and I thought it was worth sharing!  Brace yourself for the dramatic music!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

You’d be surprised by the quantity and variety of these desserts in China. My father’s side of the family is Chinese so I thought I was pretty well acquainted with them, the sorts that come in fours inside elaborately decorated tin cans shipped from Hong Kong and bought at Chinese supermarkets in Flushing. Two weeks […]

Happy Birthday, PRC!

Patriotic Haircuts Part 1 Patriotic Haircuts Part 2 Don’t go too crazy.



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