Video of “Tile Drainage Field Day”

Video of “Tile Drainage Field Day” – See a “tile plow” in action being guided by GPS.  Travis Allen explains the various aspects of a Soil Max pitch plow used for installing perforated corrugated tubing for subsurface field drainage.  A list of tile drainage resources are available on the CAAHP blog at  Please contact Aaron Gabriel if you have questions,

Tile Drainage School

Did you miss the Tile Drainage School held on November 12, 2014?  We have posted several resources below. Enjoy!

1. NRCS Drainage Guide

2. Land Drainage

3. NRCS Chapter 14 Water Management (Drainage)

3.1. Chapter 3 NJWMG Subsurface Drainage

4. Land Drainage: A Key to Increased Productivity

5. Improved Drainage Increases Farm Land Values

6. Tile Drainage Benefits and Installation Guidance

7. Tile Drainage BMPs

8. Maintaining Subsurface Drains 

8.1.  Maintaining the Drainage System

8.2.  Maintenance Tips for Subsurface Drains

9. Common Drainage System Failures

10. Pumped Drainage Outlets

11. Outlet Development: Who Pays?

12. Planning a Drainage Water Management System

13. Drainage Water Management Purdue

14. Guidelines to Applying Liquid Animal Wastes

15. Program Signup for Counter

16. Keeping Nutrients in the Field and out of Tile Lines

17. Facts about Corrugated Plastic Drainage Tubing

18. Surface Drainage of Flat Land

19. Understanding the Economics of Tile Drainage

20. Drainage Resources on the Web

21. HELC and WC Certification Form

22. Wetland Compliance July 2014

23.  Tile Drainage Economic & Agronomic Benefits

24. PRESENTATION Minimizing Environmental Risks of Drainage Water

25. PRESENTATION: Wetland Compliance

26. Tile Drainage 101