Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up – June 5, 2020

Last fall, Joellen Lampman of NYS IPM and I prepped some plots in front of the CCE office in Voorheesville using three methods: lawn scalping (or in our case, mowing as low as our mower allowed us), stripping the sod, and soil aeration. We selected five alternative lawn seed mixes that ranged from a mix of non-flowering fescues to an alternative lawn wildflower mix. In early March 2020, we seeded using the recommended dormant overseeding rates. We are not planning any special maintenance for these plots, but they will get mowed the same as the rest of the lawn. We are already seeing flowers from our seed mixes pop up and some visitors!

A metallic green sweat bee  (family Halictidae) on a blue wildflower (Nemophila menziessi)
A blue sweat bee (family Halictidae) visiting a Baby Blue Eyes flower (Nemophila menziesii). Baby Blue Eyes are one of the wildflowers from the American Meadows alternative lawn wildflower seed mix.

Yesterday (June 4, 2020), we began preparation for a fourth row by putting down 3.5 mm clear plastic to begin the solarization process so we can seed in that area this coming fall. While I don’t have a podcast this week, we’ll be talking about the differences between using clear plastic for solarization and black plastic or landscape fabric for weed suppression later this month.

Here’s a throwback to a late February Weekly Round Up when I had Joellen on to talk about our plan for dormant overseeding:

Did you miss a Weekly Round Up in May? Don’t worry, those posts haven’t disappeared! You can find them in the May 2020 Weekly Round Up Archive

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