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If you are not finding the information you need relating to COVID-19, please contact a CAAHP Team member. Names, specialties and contact information for CAAHP Team members are at the bottom of this page.

Our hearts are with you as we all work together to keep our communities healthy and safe, while continuing our support of farmers during our collective self-isolation period.

The CAAHP Team Members have taken certain precautions due to COVID-19. We have been directed by our Executive Director to work from home and to cancel all workshops and farm visits. We are taking these extraordinary steps to protect you and your families.

However, we are still here to help you, whether you have questions on ensuring your farm and employees are up to date on food safety or concerns about the profitability of your business in these turbulent times.

Please remember that our team is just a phone call, email or web-conference away! We may be working remotely, but we are ready, and want to help you all through these ever-changing times! Feel free to reach out if you need anything. We may all be self-isolating, but that is no reason to cut off communication.

As a reminder, here is the CAAHP team contact information:

Lindsey Christianson, Horticulture: 518-429-8608,
Aaron Gabriel, Field Crops: 518-380-1496,
Steve Hadcock, Beginning Farmers: 518-380-1497,
Dayton Maxwell, Farm Business Management: 518-380-1498,
Ashley Pierce, Livestock: 518-649-0267,



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