Cornell’s Model and other Resources

More information about the Cornell Cancer Partnership:

Connecting Students with Patients and Survivors to Enhance Cancer Research Training
Robert Riter and Robert Weiss
Cancer Research 2019;79:1–4

From Patients to Partners
Peter DelNero and Alexandra McGregor
Science  20 Oct 2017
Vol. 358, Issue 6361, pp. 414

Connecting Cancer Patients with a Local Cancer Community  (poster)
Bob Riter, American Association for Cancer Research
April 2018

Involving Patients  (Presentation to Junior Investigators at Physical Sciences Oncology Network/Cancer Systems Biology Consortium)
Bob Riter, September 2018

Community Engagement by Cancer Scientists (A one page summary sheet)

Community Engagement in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering: Patients are Integral Partners in Graduate Training and Research (poster)
Peter DelNero et al.

Dimensions of Cancer
An undergraduate writing class, developed by Peter DelNero, that emerged from his work on the partnership.

Other Models that connect advocates and researchers

Georgetown Breast Cancer Advocates

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