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Campus Club Service Groups:

English as a Second Language

Contact: Anita Christiansen (607 339 6010)

International Women’s Friendship Groups

We are an active, friendly group whose members come from many different countries including the USA.  There is always plenty of lively conversation and on most occasions we have a program given by either one of our members or someone from the community.  Participants meet monthly for organized activities, conversation and friendship. Choose either the first or third Wednesday of the month.

1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM
Contact: Raf Chew (607 339 8231)

3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM
Contact: Jette Lundgren (917 254 1344)

Other Community Links:

Community ESL at Cornell

Community ESL offers conversation classes for spouses and partners of international students and for visiting scholars.

Website: Community ESL at Cornell.

For more information about classes, contact the coordinators at

Cornell International Friendship Program

Cornell International Friendship Program (CIFP) matches students and scholars with alumni and other local community participants who are committed to providing cultural, educational and social support. This program is intended to enhance the lives of all participants who will share experiences, learn new skill sets, and build lifelong relationships. Popular activities may include sharing holiday dinners, sight-seeing, picnicking, shopping and including the student in family celebrations or events.

More information and details are available at CIFP.

City Federation of Women’s Organizations

The mission of the City Federation of Women’s Organizations (CFWO) is to support women and girls and to act as a catalyst for the improvement of the lives of women and girls in Tompkins County, thus making a contribution to the community.

For more information go to CFWO.

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