What Do You Know (2nd Tuesday, 7:30 PM)

A monthly get together to let you mount the soapbox and expound on a topic that interests you. A chance to research or recall, and recount. This is meant to be a somewhat quirky, quite informative, and endlessly entertaining. A topic will be put on the table, and whomsoever wishes will get up to 10 minutes (yes there will be a timer) to give a talk on it or something somehow related to it. For example: the topic could be “GREEN” or perhaps “ADVICE FROM YOUR MOTHER”, or even “WHAT I FOUND GROWING IN MY HOUSE”. The topic will be given out before each meeting so you’ll have a chance to think about it. There will be a maximum of 6 speakers at each meeting. And if you don’t want to speak, then come and listen!

Contact:  Karen Koyanagi k2koyanagi@yahoo.com or Raf Chew (339-8231) rafchew@yahoo.com

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