Bird Study (Tuesday at 8:30 AM in Fall; 8:30 AM or earlier in Spring)

The Bird Study Group meets weekly in the fall (Sept to Nov) and spring (April to June) for local field trips. During the winter (Dec to Mar) we meet monthly for social and educational programs. Birding destinations typically include: Stewart Park, Dryden Lake, Sapsucker Woods, Montezuma NWR, Shindagan Hollow, FLLT McIlroy Preserve, Summerhill State Forest, Meyers Point, Salmon Creek and others as determined by the group. We generally meet at a central location and carpool to the day’s viewing site. Birds observed are reported to the eBird citizen science program. Group members contribute $5 to cover our programming and printing expenses.

Contact:  Susan Evans-Pond  (607 279 4612)

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