Activity Groups: A thru G

Activity groups are the heart of the Campus Club at Cornell. It is here that members make new friends, learn and share ideas, develop skills and simply have a good time. A person who joins the Campus Club at Cornell may then attend as many activity groups as she likes.

A member may initiate a new activity group by contacting the Activities Chair,  Sharon Howrey (

Bird Study (Tuesdays,  8:30 AM  Sept to Nov and Apr to Jun)
The Bird Study Group meets weekly in the fall and spring for local field trips. During the winter (Dec to Mar) we meet monthly for social and educational programs. Birding destinations typically include: Stewart Park, Dryden Lake, Sapsucker Woods, Montezuma NWR, Shindagan Hollow, FLLT McIlroy Preserve, Summerhill State Forest, Meyers Point, Salmon Creek and others as determined by the group. We generally meet at a central location and carpool to the day’s viewing site. Birds observed are reported to the eBird citizen science program. Group members contribute $5 to cover our programming and printing expenses.

Contact: Susan Evans-Pond (607 279 4612)

Book Group I (3rd Monday, 2:00 PM)
This group meets monthly at the Lansing Library or St Catherine’s of Sienna for lively discussions led by various group members. We read both fiction and non-fiction. Books are chosen by the three group leaders from recommendations received from group members.

Contact: Marcia Jacobson (607 273 5735), Barbara DiSalvo (607 273 9062) or Anne Hobbs (607 279 9567)

Book Group II (2nd Thursday, 1:30 PM)
Participants meet in members’ homes for lively literary discussions. Monthly book selections are based upon member suggestions and discussion leaders’ preferences.

Contact: Gail Carruth (607 279 2342) or Louise Sallinger (607 227 4777)

Book Group III (3rd Monday, 8:00 PM)
Participants meet in members’ homes for lively literary discussions. Monthly book selections are based upon member suggestions. Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8:00 PM except in January, when we meet at 6:30 PM over a book-themed dish to pass dinner, and in June, also a dish to pass dinner at 6:30 PM. There are no meetings in July and August.

Contact: Laura Andolina (607 244 4095)

Bridge for Intermediate Players (Wednesdays, 9:30 am to 12:00 pm)
The bridge group meets weekly on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 until noon at the Lansing Village Hall. The playing environment is relaxed and friendly.

Contact: Pat Holmes (607 272 8253) or Erna Westwig (607 319 5275)

CCC Road Cycling (Thursdays 1 PM Fall and Spring, 9 AM Summer)
This a group of non-competitive cyclists who like to explore local areas on bike. Most rides are between 15 and 20 miles; on the shorter side in the spring and longer as the season progresses. We ride on the roads with varying terrain, mostly rolling hills with occasional short climb. We will also stop at local eateries from time to time. Unless otherwise announced the default meeting locations is the Post Office on Warren Rd.

Contact: Marcie Robinson (607 266 8219)

CCC Easier Bike Option – Waterfront Trail (Thursdays, 1 PM Fall and Spring, 9 AM Summer)

This group meets at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market to bike the Waterfront Trail

Contact: Jan McCarrick (607 279 9964) or Kathy Hopkins (607 592 3025) or Ruth Hopkins (607 351 8654)

Conversational Spanish ( Mondays, 2:00 to 3:30 PM)

Non-native speakers of all ability levels are welcome to join native speakers to practice and build confidence in speaking Spanish.

Contact: Jane Leff (443 564 5234) Janeleff134@gmail,com or Pilar Junco (607 280 2666)

French Conversation (3rd Friday, 11:45 AM to 2:30 PM)
Native and non-native French speakers meet monthly at the Cafe in Kendal at Ithaca (2230 N Triphammer Rd, Ithaca, NY) to enjoy conversation. If wished, a lunch can be purchased at the Cafe or brought along. Beginners are welcome.

Contact: Christina Wu (607 257 1766),, Silence Michelet-Lowell (315 708 2424)

Games (2nd and 4th Tuesday of month, 10:00 AM)
Members who enjoy a gaming challenge meet twice a month to play a variety of card, word and board games. You can relive your childhood or get out that competitive edge to play old and new games. Alhambra, Catch Phrase,  Iota, Euchre,  Qwirkle, Ticket to Ride are just some of the games we have played.

Contact: Raf Chew (607 339 8231)

Gardening (4th Friday of month, 10:00 AM)
This group requires member participation. Your gardening ideas translate into fabulous outings and gardening adventures. Please come join us if you like to garden and enjoy learning from each other as well as our community resources. We generally meet on the 4th Friday of every month at 10:00 AM.

Contact: Joan Lawrence or Ellen Lane (607 257 3129) 

Gourmet Diner’s Group (Monthly)

Members who love food and camaraderie, and husbands/partners are invited! We have a variety of cooking skills from beginners to advanced. Monthly dinners are scheduled September thru June, Members choose which night to attend and the Hostess chooses the menu and assigns the dishes. Specific dates are published in the group’s cookbook sold to members when they sign up at the September Fall Coffee.

Contact: Nora Shang (607 216 7499) or Holly Kazarinoff (607 592 3894)

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