Emerging Literacies Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (April 2017-present) 

  • With the Instruction Coordinator and the Head of Learning, Spaces, & Technology, provide leadership in planning, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of online learning materials in support of the Library’s instruction and workshop offerings.
  • Collaborate with the Instruction Coordinator, instruction librarians and campus and IT staff to increase the library’s online presence through the development of digital learning materials and online learning tools to support information and digital literacy and integrate them into the university’s curriculum and learning environment.
    • Helped deliver, assess, and revise 6 NS 1150 online modules for Spring online course and investigate using this as workflow example for additional online learning module creation
  • Participate in the library instruction program (on and off campus, online, and in hybrid formats) at the request of the Instruction Coordinator, including: teaching library and discipline specific workshops, new student orientations, and special topic workshops.
    • Taught course-related library instruction
    • Provide face to face instruction (workshops and course-related) on video production, poster design and design thinking
  • Keep up to date with trends in instructional technologies, instructional design, and information literacy instruction; suggest new and emerging technologies for blended and online learning environments; and make recommendations for purchases.
  • Collaborate with target academic departments to identify and develop shared instructional goals and learning outcomes related to experiential and multimodal learning
  • Develop maker and digital literacy competencies that map to experiential and multimodal learning outcomes
  • Create instruction materials that integrate experiential and multimodal learning and the makerspace into the curriculum
    • Worked with 14 courses in ENGL, COMM, HADM, AEM, PSYCH, CS/INFO, ENGRG, PLSCI, ARCH, & DSOC
    • Worked on Center for Teaching Innovation Individual Innovation grants with COMM 1300: Visual Communication and CLASS/MEDVL/MUSIC 2642: Art of Math and helped create assignments and teach course-related sessions
  • Provide leadership for, develop, implement and assess innovative library services that will assist undergraduate students with the use of multimedia AV technologies in completing projects and assignments (e.g., assisting with web design and coding, video production, poster design, or other media).
  • Assist with the development of and participate in instruction that will support undergraduate students’ use of technology for multimodal projects.
  • Coordinate support and services for multimedia and audiovisual hardware and software.
  • Assess trends and usage of multimedia/AV devices and make recommendations for the purchase of multimedia and audiovisual equipment.
  • Support subject specialist liaisons in the areas of public services and multimedia and audiovisual services.
  • Market the library’s resources and services regarding multimedia hardware & software, the makerspace, and online learning, and be a channel of communication between the library, faculty, and students.
  • Serve on the Mann Outreach team
  • Serve as liaison to a department
  • Contribute to appropriate library and system-wide committees and working groups.
  • Assist in the active promotion of library services.
  • Manage or participate in other library activities and special projects, especially those involving new technologies.
  • Attend professional meetings, workshops and conferences for training and continued professional development.
  • Participate in writing grant proposals


User Engagement Librarian Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Sept. 2014-Mar. 2017)

    • Developed and coordinated scalable library initiatives related to student engagement, outreach, learning and orientation with a focus on undergraduate students. 
      • As co-chair of makerspace task force, helped implement mobile and then semi-permanent makerspace at Mann, held over 30 making events, and trained staff
    • Continually assessed Mann Library spaces, technologies, and outreach programs.
      • Assessed makerspace mobile pilot and, with task force, wrote final report and recommendations for PSEC 
      • Compiled data for ongoing projects (such as consultation area) and other needs & collaborated with students and other departments 
    • Assisted in the creation and delivery of educational initiatives that encourage student learning and success using the library’s technology, spaces, and equipment. 
      • Did over 30 consults/reference transactions, 11 course-related sessions; 5 workshops; and 1 tours 
      • Created online video 
    • Promoted Mann Library and build strong connections between the library & targeted undergraduate learning communities.
    • Through positive engagement with students and faculty in both formal and informal settings, built partnerships that helped meet student learning needs in terms of space, technology, and specialized programming.
      • Worked with DEA 3330 on makerspace programming, CS 5150 on Groupfinder app, and individual students on various class projects 
      • Met with various faculty and staff to create programming or assess needs
    • Working with the Head of User Services and Outreach developed, assessed, and maintained new and existing learning environments within Mann Library to meet the changing needs of student learners. 
    • Researched and gathered data within the Cornell community (faculty, students, and staff) and beyond to understand the future direction of curriculum, pedagogy, and research and assist with the creation of library services, technology, and spaces that support this direction.
      • Collaborated with Mary Ochs, Ashley Shea, Jim Morris-Knower and Sarah Young on coding Ithaka S&R study on research practices of scholars in agriculture and contributed to report 
  • Met with non-library partners to assess needs & possible collaboration 
    • Piloted interdisciplinary climate change research collaboration with Prof. Toby Ault
  • Explored new and emerging technologies for implementation at Mann particularly as they might impact user services and instruction 


Learning Technologies and Assessment Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Jul. 2009-Sept. 2014; promoted to Associate librarian in Dec 2011)

  • Helped design, create resources and policies for, and assess spaces such as the Bissett Collaborative study space
    • Helped plan, implement, compile and report on user studies for collaborative learning spaces to assist with space, technology and service planning including submitting IRB study review, scheduling training, and coordinating interviews, usability tests, surveys on associated technologies and furniture/space configurations, observations, and ethnographic studies (ideal space design exercise and photo diaries) for Bissett redesign. 
    • Helped with major Bissett renovation plans for spring 2013 and 2014.
    • Conducted environmental scan of learning spaces at other institutions with Sara E. Wright with funding from van Tienhoven award and reported results
    • Participated in discussions with outside stakeholders (architects, DEA, Herman Miller) on renovation 
    • Helped present updates and write reports on user studies for Mann
    • Supported NS 5411 class in Bissett space
    • Investigated classroom and collaborative/informal learning space design and educational technologies
  • Participated in 3 year data information literacy grant with Sarah Wright, working to create educational materials for graduate students in the sciences on managing and curating scientific data. 
    • Attended and helped facilitate sessions during project workshops and public symposium. 
    • Created rubric and assisted in creation of syllabus and assignments. 
    • Assisted with Blackboard and LibGuide during implementation of one-credit course.
  • Served as chair of Mann Learning Technologies Committee until 2011 (member, 2011-present) and instructional technology coordinator for instruction
    • Investigate new learning technologies and report on their applicability for use at Mann Library
    • Re-convened the Mann Learning Technologies (MaLT) committee
    • Conducted ereader evaluation with Joy Paulson: produced wiki page comparing several mobile devices and availability of small sample of Cornell content (, surveyed library staff on their use of mobile devices, and consolidated ereader subcommittee into MaLT
    • Started soft launch of mobile device lending for Mann Library staff with MaLT, including coordinating equipment purchase, device check out and maintenance, and writing tips for use 
    • Reviewed learning technologies needed for instruction program and submitted budget; implemented SoftChalk and increased use of Captivate tutorial software to create and update instructional modules 
    • Explored mobile and handheld computing, particularly for information literacy and orientation; 
    • Gave presentations or trainings on new technologies (see Presentations section for list)
    • Attended or provided access to webinars and training for MaLT and CUL staff 
  • Serve as Assessment librarian for Mann
      • Created and updated assignments and assessment tools for targeted classes in collaboration with instruction coordinator and others 
        • 2012: EAS 2680 (with Mann instructional team), COMM 2010 (updated assignment with Jim Morris-Knower), NS 1150 (updated tutorial and assessment with Sarah Young), In 2011: BIOG 1500 & 1105 (updated four modules), COMM 2010 and 2820 (updated four assignments with Mann instructional team), BEE 2600 and 4590 (updated three tutorials), NS 1150 (participated in usability testing and updated tutorial and assessment with Usability and Linda Stewart), FDSC 3950, and PAM 4980; 2013: Assisted Sarah Young with NS 1150 tutorial update; completed new AEM 2700 tutorial with Tom Ottaviano; completed FSAD 2310 tutorial with Linda Stewart; revised BEE 2600 tutorials with Jeremy Cusker. Completed Teaching with Technology Immersion program. Worked on Wiretaps and Big Data MOOC guide. Started discussions on tutorials & information literacy with Josh Cerra in LA (with Keith & Sarah J), Kathy Arnink in VIEN (with Marty & Kelee), & CALS Curriculum Committee (with Kelee)
      • Assessed BioG 1105, PAM 4980, and BioG 3010 classes by grading tutorial assignments  
      • Implemented end-of-semester and post-class evalutions of one-shot sessions in Qualtrics
      • Assisted with planning and implementation of Mann Teaching Experience, a professional development workshop for librarians on instruction, and taught session on information literacy learning outcomes
      • Began mapping of Communication and Biological and Environmental Engineering courses to information literacy learning outcomes
  • Served as co-chair of Cornell Undergraduate Information Competency Initiative (CUICI; until 2011 and directed planning and coordination of weeklong information literacy summer institute and year-long process to redesign assignments to embed information literacy into curriculum at system-wide level. See Instructional Services Coordinator section for previous years’ activities.
  • Coordinated and taught in week-long summer institute on information competency (5 faculty fellows in 2010)
  • As librarian partner in CUICI, worked with faculty and other librarians and support partners to design and update assignments, tutorials and rubrics and teach classes 
        • BioG 1103/1500: Updated wiki-based tutorial with intern and faculty
        • BioG 1105: Created and updated two tutorial assignments and rubric
        • COMM 2010: Helped create and update two tutorial assignments and rubrics with Mann instructional team
        • BEE 2600 and 4590: Created three tutorials with Jeremy Cusker
      • Coordinated forums throughout each academic year, in particular:
        • Coordinated September 2010 CUICI showcase with over 40 participants
        • Worked with Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to co-sponsor Jim Eison talk and workshop
        • Helped coordinate one-day information literacy panel, poster session, and workshop as part of CTE’s Celebration of Teaching Excellence in Jan. 2011
      • Completed report on CUICI activities for Middle States accreditation with Thomas Mills
      • Conducted student surveys and worked with RAU to formulate faculty survey to gather self-reported data on effectiveness of CUICI courses in improving students’ information literacy skills
      • Petitioned for and received $12,000 additional funding for 2010-2011 initiative from University Librarian and Provost/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education with Thomas Mills
    • Serve as member of Mann and CUL instructional and reference teams
      • Acted as interim instructional services coordinator in 2013: Schedule and delegate instructional activities; update instructional procedures on wiki and LibGuides workflow
      • Taught or led class-related sessions, workshops, tours or orientation (2009: 45; 2010: approximately 36; 2011:32; 2012: 23; 2013: 28)
      • Participated in CTE faculty development events (course design institute)
      • Helped plan CUL All Instructors’ Summit for June 2011
      • NS 1150: Helped create an online tutorial and assessment with Mann instructional team and worked with Linda Stewart and Usability team members to update and revise
      • COMM 2820: Worked with faculty member to create and modify information literacy assignments
      • Worked with Medha Devare and other stakeholders from biological sciences on submission of Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant in 2010
      • Added sample instructional resources to Mann and CUL Instruction wikis
    • With Gaby Castro-Gessner and PSEC Instruction subcommittee, helped produce CUL information literacy outcomes based on ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
    • With Gaby Castro-Gessner and PSEC Instruction, began to add assessment tools to wiki (both PSEC Instruction and Mann)
    • Worked on faculty testimonial on library instruction videos for library website with Faculty Support Services
      • Did outreach to interdisciplinary sustainable building design student group with Jeremy Cusker, Martha Walker, and Maaike Oldmans
      • Helped with  planning for Spring 2010 digital literacy contest
      • Worked with CTE staff on instructional resources guide
      • Compiled pool of learning objects (tutorials, videos, etc.):
    • Assist with planning and implementation of international projects at Mann
      • Served as consultant with CIIFAD on pilot ereader project at Indian state agricultural universities and with ITOCA on international information literacy program 
      • Taught information literacy workshop with Gracian Chimwaza in Ethiopia for Haramaya and Mekelle Universities in Fall 2011
    • Provided reference services at the desk, via chat services and in one-on-one consultations (2012: answered over 200 reference questions/consultation requests; 2013: answered 177), served on Business Team, and liaised with education and department. 


Instructional Services Coordinator, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Jan. 2006-Jul. 2009)

  • Served as co-chair of Cornell Undergraduate Information Competency Initiative (CUICI; and direct planning and coordination of weeklong information literacy summer institute and year-long process to redesign assignments to embed information literacy into curriculum at system-wide level; served as member of previous committee, Priority Implementation Team #3 on Information Fluency 
  • As member of Priority Implementation Team #3, assisted with preliminary institutional scan, literature review, creation of Cornell information literacy competency documents, and website maintenance; coordinated 3-day workshop at University of California Berkeley with Elizabeth Dupuis and Pat Maughan for CUICI steering committee members 
  • Planned and coordinated pilot week-long summer institute on information competency (9 faculty fellows in 2008; 6 faculty fellows in 2009)
      • As librarian partner in CUICI, worked with faculty and other librarians and support partners to design and update assignments, tutorials and rubrics and teach classes
        • BioG 1103/1500:  Created wiki-based tutorial with student worker and updated in subsequent years with intern and faculty; tutorial served as a pilot for tutorials for other large enrollment/assignment classes
        • COMM 2010: Helped create and update assignments and taught class with Jim Morris-Knower
      • Coordinated CUICI forums throughout 2008-9 academic year
      • Completed preliminary assessment and interim progress report for Anne Kenney and Michele Moody-Adams (then Vice provost for Undergraduate Education) in 2008
      • Petitioned for and received $60,000 initial funding for initiative from University Librarian and CTE/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education with Thomas Mills
    • Planned and coordinated instruction program including workshops, class-related instruction, tours, and other instructional activities for students, faculty and staff in the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Human Ecology and the Division of Nutritional Sciences as well as other groups (Cornell Cooperative Extensions staff, emeriti and alumni, high school students, etc.) including the following activities:
      • Taught or led class-related sessions, workshops, tours or orientations (2007: 75; 2008: 58; 2009: 45)
      • Piloted seminars for faculty and staff on scholarly communication (spring 2006) and copyright (fall 2006)
      • Collaborated with Carla Shafer (CIT) and Tony Cosgrave on Jumpstart workshops (fall 2006 and spring 2007 Blackboard linking workshops; spring 2007 copyright panel with Pat McClary, Peter Hirtle and Tracy Mitrano)
      • Coordinated with others to organize workshops specifically for faculty and staff (in intercession and during regular semesters–funding databases, Filemaker, Capital IQ, poster printing, video tools, InDesign, etc.)
      • Added at least three or four new workshops for each fall and spring semesters (Excel, faculty/staff seminars, web design, etc.)
      • Tested embedded librarianship model via Blackboard (presence on discussion board) in AEM 325 (one semester)
      • Helped implement upgraded Evanced instruction registration software at Mann and introduced to wider CUL instruction community
      • Investigated classroom and collaborative/informal learning space design and educational technologies (including clickers and video and screen recording technology)
      • Aided Laura Larrimore (former communications assistant) in creating new open house fall orientation animation (The Adventures of Pirate Pete in Mann Library) and presented it to over 600 freshmen at fall orientation
      • Trained Stone Computing Center operators in basic reference desk procedures for fall 2007
      • Worked on Mann renovation move (AV and classroom technology committee) and new learning spaces
      • Served as DEA liaison for class evaluation of Bissett collaborative study space
      • Added survey created by Laura Larrimore to instruction website to gather feedback/assessment data about workshops conducted
      • Had 3-session videotaping and peer evaluation session with David Way for myself as part of PSEC instruction initiative
      • Created short tutorials and information literacy/technology tips using screencasting and other technologies linked permanently on Mann website
      • Researched use of blogs and wikis for instruction
      • Worked with Tracy Mitrano, CIT Integrated Web Services and CIT consultants as well as an outside instructional designer to create an online digital literacy resource in 2009 (
      • Worked with other Mann instructors on integration of information competency in Biology curriculum
    • Helped update and provide face-to-face (local and international) and distance learning training for AGORA, an online portal to international agricultural journals for developing countries, and support for African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI)
    • Provided reference services; collected materials for media and curriculum collection; and served as liaison for education and development sociology


Public Services Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Aug. 2005-Jan. 2006)

  • Helped Instruction Coordinator with the planning and coordination of the instruction program. 
  • Taught or co-taught at least 20 class-related instruction sessions or workshops in a variety of methods. 
  • Provided reference services at the desk, via chat services and in one-on-one consultations 
  • Participated in outreach activities including tours, orientations, and New Student Reading Project.
  • Helped update face-to-face and distance learning training for AGORA, an online portal to international agricultural journals for developing countries ), including trip to South Africa and Ethiopia for training and consultation with funding from van Tienhoven Travel award and ACCI grant  
  • Co-facilitated AGORA workshops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, administered two short surveys to the participants, gathered valuable observational data about the effectiveness and flow of the workshops, and videotaped parts of the trip for the AGORA team
  • Made site visit to the African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to discuss Mann Library’s reference and document delivery outreach to their plant breeding Ph.D. program. Created a brochure and website, gave demonstrations of the AGORA and TEEAL resources, made students aware of the Mann resources available to them, and tried to test an SMS reference pilot.
  • Completed collection development training and selected media and education resources and met with education liaison to talk about department needs


Assistant Librarian and Library Fellow, Albert R. Mann Library and Olin Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Mar. 2004-Aug. 2005)

  • Helped create face-to-face and distance learning training materials as well as Help and FAQ documentation for AGORA, including training CD and three-day workshop 
  • Helped create multimedia tour of library using QuickTime VR panoramas and video. 
  • Provided reference services in all subject areas, including evening and weekend hours. 
  • Taught both stand-alone and course-related 60-90 minute sessions in electronic classroom (e.g. Blogs and RSS) and served as teaching assistant in technical workshops (e.g. Bloomberg and social bookmarking)
  • Participated in outreach activities outside of the fall orientation library tours for Mann and the tour for new library staff, including the New Student Reading Project, the Library Technology Fair, and the Minority Graduate Student orientation.
  • Piloted taping Chats in the Stacks book talks 
  • Contributed to the Confluence wiki (Blue Book) and blog 


Research Assistant Intern, Isaacson, Miller, Boston, MA (Nov. 2003-Feb. 2004)

  • Performed research for an executive search firm on a part-time basis using a variety of resources to profile people, organizations and industries.


Circulation Assistant, New England College of Optometry, Boston, MA (Sept. 2003- Feb. 2004)

  • Performed opening and closing procedures and circulation duties using SIRSI Workflows integrated library system, answered general inquiries, supervised work-study students in small academic library on Sundays.  


Staff Assistant, Simmons School for Health Studies, Boston, MA (Sept. 2000-Nov. 2003) 

  • Updated SHS web site and online catalogs using Dreamweaver and Quark Xpress 4.1 and 5, processed applicants from initial inquiry through first semester registration, entered information into Colleague database system and served on database users’ group, communicated with prospective students and applicants, responded to or referred e-mail, phone and walk-in inquiries.


Digital Reference Assistant, Simmons College Libraries, Boston, MA (July 2002-December 2002)

  • Answered patron inquiries through digital reference service, using Convey Systems software’s chat and co-browsing features.


Research Assistant, Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Health Care Policy, Boston, MA (Dec. 2000-June 2002) 

  • Pulled and organized articles for literature review and maintained EndNote database of articles (part-time)



Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (2004-5)

  • Education 411/611: Educational Psychology
  • Education  685/IARD 685: Training and Development: Theory and Practice
  • STSCI 2100: Introductory Statistics
  • NBA 5180: The Art of Innovation (student and TA)


Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Boston, MA (Jan. 2003). M.S. in Library and Information Science 

  • American Library Association Spectrum Scholar 2001


Radcliffe Publishing Course, Cambridge, MA (Summer 1996). Six-week certificate course on book and magazine publishing.


The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA (May 1996). B.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies focusing on Francophone African and Caribbean Literature.

  • James Monroe Scholar and William and Mary Scholar


Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France (Aug. 1994-May 1995). Studied French language and Francophone literature in Junior Year Abroad program administered by the College of William and Mary.



  • Excellent reading knowledge of and conversational proficiency in French
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver. Familiarity with HTML, Photoshop, various screencasting and tutorial programs (Captivate, Camtasia, SoftChalk), Blackboard, WebCT, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Zotero and RefWorks.
  • Attended Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarianship (2006)
  • Attended ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Immersion (2005, Teacher Track; 2009, Program Track; Teaching with Technology track, 2013), Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL and Chicago, IL
  • Secretary, Massachusetts Black Librarians Network (2002-2003)