(Hollywood) Shuffle and Elgg

So I succumbed to the iPod lure and bought a 1 Gb Shuffle in Friday and tranferred all the music I had on my personal computer to Itunes on my work computer and then downloaded the kickier subset to my Shuffle today. Because my home system sucked so badly I'd kind of forgotten I had some of this music (hello again Lamb and my older, like college era, and newer club favorites), so I'm quite enjoying hearing a lot of my music in one place–so far so good. The Shuffle is decent for my commuting/walking needs though I wish I could make custom playlists without convolutions. But as long as I am happy with a random subset of my music or an in order subset then I am all good. I decided that I'd rather spend the hundreds of dollars I don't have on a future handheld that will give me all my contacts, email, calendar, storage space for documents and the ability to create and edit Office documents, as well as play (a limited amount of) mp3s and video. Mmm. . . hello Palm LifeDrive (maybe in the near future when the tax refund comes through).

In the meantime on the personal information maangement (PIM) front, I signed up for a free account on Elgg, which bills itself as a "learning landscape platform" which seems to mean that I can get a blog with tags, an aggregator, a space to upload files (the bit I'm most geeked about), a calendar, and a way to connect with other people who are intereseted in learning about the same things I am. It's also got interseting community blog features a la Livejournal as well so if I want to get together a group that doesn't have access to Confluence by some means then it might be a good alternative.