Return of the Blogger

Or maybe that should be The Blogger Strikes Back (even if this is my third hi I’m back post); hopefully this version though a little more serious and possibly ending on a cliffhanger will be a bit more substantial. . .and also contain no Ewoks.

So I’ve been thinking for awhile that it’s more than bit silly that I’m talking about blogging, working on the blog pilot, occasionally teaching about blogging and well. . .I don’t blog regularly. If you go back and read any of the previous posts I imported from my various attempts on Blogger and, you can read the whole sad saga of procrastination and woe. Thing is, I think blogging is a great method of communication, expression and conversation and has tremendous potential for libraries, teaching and learning. I just never felt like I had a lot of time or anything in particular to say that anyone else wasn’t saying much more insightfully (see also: all the reasons I chose comparative literature rather than creative writing as a major). I have come to blogs primarily as a reader and someone who is interested in information and the ways people interact with it (hi, librarian!) and I love surfing through the really interesting conversations happening in all parts of the blogosphere on issues surrounding information, libraries, Web 2.0 and library 2.0. I just haven’t gathered myself together to launch out with any of my own half-baked thoughts and observations. But after listening to a talk by Bryan Alexander of NITLE I feel more inspired to take the plunge, collect what I’m hearing and sometimes air out my musings. I have no idea where this will take me but I’m hoping it will be a fun ride. As part of the blog pilot, I’m also experimenting with things so don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of talk about blogging and WordPress and if things change a lot, random old posts show up, or if I occasionally put up an “oops i broke it!” post. If I can gather time and brains enough to synthesize my butterfly thoughts on libraries, information, instruction and new technologies that will end up here as well. So on to the experiment of thinking aloud in public and charting my wandering attention through information space!

New new function of this blog

OK so it’s clear that not much posting has been going on. I’m trying something new for the upcoming year though. I got a WordPress hosted blog (because categories make me happy) and I’ll try posting all of the more work-related stuff there and this space can be for the random and not yet ready for prime time musings. We’ll see if posting picks up any on either:)

Is this thing on?

I need someplace to store all my thinking on my EDUC 611 class: Educational Psychology as well as all the listservs and blogs I’m reading. Maybe I can maye some sense out of ed. psych., learning theories, social constructivist methods of teaching, active and collaborative learning techniques for library instruction, information literacy/fluency instruction, instructional design and technology, etc. etc. Wish me luck!