Long time, no post

I was realizing it had been ages since I posted anything but I just read an article in the Atlantic on What Makes a Good Teacher? that I thought was interesting. The writer was reporting on research done by Teach for America which was published in February as Teaching As Leadership: The Highly Effective Teacher’s Guide to Closing the Achievement Gap.

Looking at the advice, it’s not rocket science, but harder to remember do:

  • Set big goals
  • Always try to improve and reevaluate your teaching
  • Make students (and family) a part of the process
  • Focus everything on student learning
  • Plan carefully and work backwards from your outcomes
  • Work, work, work and never say die (or give up on students)

The teachers also used a number of things I’ve heard under other names: peer learning, checking for understanding, I do-we do-you do as part of active learning. According to their results, success breeds success as well which is also no surprise–if someone had run something and shown results before adn exhibited perseverance toward a goal then they were more likely to be successful.

Always when I read these things I think, “Oh, yes that!” Now, to do.

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