Jenkins closing

Talking about homecoming for his house. T-shirts as sign of passion, embodied history. Hunter S. Johnson

Sports Death (like “carpe diem” w/skull (Thompson T-shirt that’s famous). Remixed it to celebrate Henry’s last year-14 years. Sign can be scary w/o knowledge but if you engage with them about it you can find out a lot underneath thiat sign/surface.

Story about Peter (anon, composite?): HS student in upstate NY who has gone through a lot of trauma but good student and involved in a lot of things that let him interact with the world (avatar, flickr and newspaper uses his photos, talks to his girlfriend Mary Jane who’s an actress and he talks to her on the phone))

Spiderman! Familiar story-kid trying to make it in the world.

Bendis Spiderman on computer and info comes to him; early PSiderman had to be a journalist. Bendis Spidey-MJ protects via cell phone. Spiderman is in adult and kid networks (Ultimate series and X-Men)

Know that kids are part of all these worlds (preparing to be superheroes). They do so in their whole environment (don’t have to be a journalist; not just in classroom).

Circulate, connect, create, collaborate-tried to build it in and concerned with participation gap (emphasizing skills not technology) Designed things that don’t need technology. But it’s teachers who can start to require the habits of mind that will give them these skills. Part of “hidden curriculum.” Not just getting them in school but after school, libraries, other informal contexts

Participation and civic engagement

Bowling Alone-space for community, emotional connectivity, awareness of each others’ lives. WoW-new bowling league. WoW players go on to support other players not b/c addictedChilean senator-hardcore WoW player. Important for teaching collab. skills Sen Fernando Flores Labra

Participatory Culture: relatively low barriers for engagement; Strong support for sharing creations with others; Informal mentorship; members believe their contributions matter; care about each other.

Time article: How to build a student for the 21st century (boxed in my classroom and accademic achoevement) What about civic engagement, artistic expression, etc?

Living and Learngin with New Media

Geeking out (thinkiking, creating), Messing about (self actualisationa dn expression); hanging around (communicating and consuming content) (pyramid tip to bottom)

In politics: Wonk (how smart they are; how ignorant they are). Geek out for democracy. As a collective ability to change the world

  • MyDebates–all kinds of games and information to change worls
  • Like HP Alliance-DA’s Army for real world (working on Darfur). Using fan networks for RL action.
  • Global Kids-machinima and SL for Darfur as well

Effect of young people’s engagement in politics impacted by Pbama’s campaign which

Can’t we be transmedia educators?

Civic mission of schools-students feel engaged when they can participate learn about participation and civic affairs by participating. Gone backwards in terms of engaging kids.

Scouting made a difference for him-first speaking and teaching he did.

Participatory culture gives kids chances that school doesn’t. School strangling participation out of fear. Blocking and filtering! 6th grade mentality of schools!

Our students know things we don’t. Kid says MC Lars sucks; MC Chris is good. Challenge of authority: Ask him how he evaluates. But teacher doesn’t have tme; neds to stick to schedule. Offline activity: Had kids send in ?s (not very good); MC Lars answered and gave good answers; kids amazed to see their ?s in teh world and they thought “we don’t sound so good”

Games not designed for school scheduling (MIT WoW pod conceptual art piece. )

Flexible, immersive time vs. school time

Scratch (Resnick and Media lab): basic coding system, trade code, learn code, and

Wants Learning Library to be that. they put some stuff in and we help build, spreading remix culture


Q&A: WoW curriculum Guild: Cognitive dissonance How to address complaints of it’s a violent game? Engagement is key (flow). We spend a lot of $ on sports, which are games where people actually get hurt. But we talk about them as ways to encourage leadership, etc. The War Between Effects and Meaning-article. Not can we get rid of violence; need art to reflect on aggression (Bible, Shakespeare, medieval ms, etc) Awareness of violence and cost that’s been paid; how to build mounring in games we play.

Media most powerful when it reinforces rather than tries to change belief. Playing games in culture that’s peaceful. . .

Education behind corporate in tools. What will future look like? What are we missing? No crystal ball. In convergence culture no mention of Web 2.0. Chilled by learning 2.0. Web 2.0 is a business model; we should not be educating consumers, trying to build comms from scratch when there are already existing comms. participatory culture has long history; don’t follow 4 yr business plan.

Research: Right now descriptive and not in lang that school board listens to. But lots of learning happening (let’s not shove that all into ed but don’t shut it out weither. don’t ay to kids that your interests don’t beloong in school and school doesn’t belong in yoru interests

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