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About Business @ Mann


Baseema Banoo Krkoska
Management & Public Policy Librarian
Mann Library, Cornell University

Welcome to Business @ Mann, intended for the discerning connoisseur of business information, whether student, staff or faculty. Six months ago, I began blogging about news and events at Mann Library and new business information resources at my old blogging location. In addition to the “notice board” type of announcements, this blog will present important issues that are born in the business environment but have greater implications for the society. For instance, how does the sub-prime market in the USA affect South Asian markets? Why is the dollar losing its value? Or even a local issue – how can New York State prevent the flight of talent? I am a librarian so I may not know the answers to all of the above questions. But I know how to find the information that will prompt us to think about these issues critically.

Let’s face it, our time and attention is increasingly fragmented. And so is information. Do you have the time to sift through information and ensure that that you are choosing unbiased and timely sources? This is where the librarian can step in to make it easier and efficient for you to reach information quickly.

Posts on this blog will discuss issues and provide you links to the best information available through Cornell University or even through a web search. You can read a quick summary in my blog or if it piques your curiosity, you will be able to visit the best resources on that topic. Whether you agree or not with my choice of resources, you will be able to comment on this blog. Even better, share what you have read or heard recently about the topic.

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